Y5&6 Jaguar Homework 10.9.21

The children in Y5&6 have been given their first homework of the new term yesterday. There is a reading homework and a maths homework based on our learning of Place Value, which has been our focus in maths so far. Please ensure that the children show the same amount of pride in the presentation of their homework as what is expected of them in the classroom. This means that they need to use a pencil / handwriting pen to complete it rather than any gel pens, coloured pencils or felt tips. It needs to be completed and handed back in at school next Wednesday at the latest.

Kind regards

Mr Hughes

Y5&6 Jaguar class – Spring Half Term 2 – Week 1 Maths and Reading homework

Y6s Maths
Y6 Maths Week 1 homework – algebra


Y6s Reading
Y6 Reading Spring Half Term 2 Week 1


Y5s Maths
Y5 Spring Term 2 – Week 1 Maths homework


Y5s Reading
Y5 Reading Spring Half Term 2 Week 1
Ollie, Esme, Alfie and Sophie – pages 1,2 and 3
Lilly, Alex, Dylan and Maisie – pages 7,8,9 and 10
Blake, Cass, Sam and Ariana – pages 13,14,15 and 16

Y5&6 Jaguar class – Spring Term 1 Week 2 Homework

Here’s the homework for this week…
Reading (2 weeks to complete)
Y5 Esme, Ollie, Sophie and Alfie – THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT
Reading Homework text – THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT – Esme, Sophie, Alfie and Ollie
Reading Homework answer booklet – THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT – Esme, Sophie, Alfie and Ollie


Y5 Reading Homework text – PHONE TROUBLE
Y5 Reading Answers text – PHONE TROUBLE


Y6 Reading Text – The Dual World of Anders Arnfield
Y6 Reading Answer booklet – The Dual World of Anders Arnfield


Y5 – Esme, Ollie and Sophie
Other Y5s


Y6 Maths Homework – Multiplying and diving decimals

Spring Half Term 1 Week 1 Homework

The children should all have copies of their Reading and Maths homework in their homework books, however, here’s a copy of them for anybody who needs it.

Reading text – George The Giant Tortoise – Esme, Alfie, Sophie and Ollie
Reading booklet – George The Giant Tortoise – Esme, Alfie, Sophie and Ollie Answers
Y5 Reading – The Sun
Maths – Multiplication and Division


Reading Text – Running
Reading Answer booklet – Running
Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1000


Kind regards
Mr G Hughes

Final news Y5&6

Here are the updated roles of our Y6 children for this year.
School Council – Amy Cooke & Heidi MacKechnie
Sports Leaders – Katie Harris, Daniel Downes, Nelly Mills and Isobel Lovett
House Captain – Zoe Harris and Cameron Emerton Maka
Librarian – Isla Callaghan, Holly Trow, Lucy Harris and Izzy Row


The Y5&6s finished the term with an amazing 8,756 Class Dojo points.
Here are the top 10….
1st Henry Burns and Amy Cooke 618 points
2nd Reuben Darlow 552 points
3rd Cameron Emerton Maka 530 points
4th Bethany Williams 480 points
5th Harvey Lansdale and Jack Munn 475 points
6th Zoe Harris 464 points
7th Chanel Mills 431 points
8th Chloe Williams 342 points
9th Dante Hinton 337 points
10th Ruby Cooper 328 points


And finally, here’s the fantastic piece of mosaic art work that Amy Cooke completed by gluing it down  yesterday. Well done Amy.
Amy’s mosaic


The Y5&6 classroom is already looking good ready for September so it will be nice to have a full class back again. Have a great Summer everyone!  Over and out.
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Mr Hughes


Working From Home (and school) Y5&6 Final day!

21 Creative Ways To Make The Last Day Of Your School Even More ...

Y5&6, you’ve made it! The day of school has arrived. A huge congratulations to those children who have worked so hard this year, especially during the last few months of working from home. You should be proud of your achievements.

Starting tomorrow, you shall have a well deserved break for 6 weeks until the new term starts again in September. This morning, you will have just one final maths activity to complete and then that will be it – enjoy the rest of the day.

Well done to Amy, Cameron and Zoe who sent me their applications for specific roles and responsibilities that they would like to have when they start in Y6 in September. I enjoyed reading your letters! There’s is still time for any other Y5s who have yet to submit their letter of applications.

Here’s today’s final timetable…..
Daily Timetable Thursday 16.7.20

Y6 Crucial Crew video links based on ‘Rights’, ‘First Aid’ and ’emergency Services’.

Y6 Maths
Y6 Maths Thursday 16th July


Y5 Maths
Y5 Maths – Thursday 16th July 2020
Y5 Maths activity Thursday – Volume

Enjoy the final day and have a fantastic Summer break! Good luck to all of the Y6s as they head off on their next school journey.

Mr Hughes