Medical Matters

If your child has an accident in school and is seen by a first aider, your child will be given an accident slip to bring home so you know what has happened and what treatment, if any, has been given. If a child receives a head injury parents will be informed of the incident as soon as possible, usually via telephone call.

If children become ill during the day parents/carers will be contacted to come and collect their child.  Advice will be given regarding any exclusion times.  Please note that we have a strict 48 hour exclusion period from the last episode of sickness and/or diarrhoea.

Prescribed medication only will be administered at the discretion of school staff.  A medication form (available from the School Office) must be completed first.  If medication is time critical we suggest parents/carers make arrangements to come into school to administer or consider whether the child is well enough to be in school.

If your child has an on-going medical condition such as Asthma, allergies or has a specific dietary need please contact the School Office who will provide relevant forms for completion and ensure a care plan is put in place.

Our Parent Handbook is a quick guide to how we work at our school. Full school policies can be read on our Policies page