Girls Uniform

Dear Parents/carers

Now that the weather has improved, the children are enjoying using the field and the play equipment at break and lunchtime.  Please could we suggest that girls wear cycling shorts under their dresses so that they can go upside down on the bars or perform cartwheels across the field, without worrying about their underwear showing? The supermarkets tend to have these short leggings in their uniform sections for this very purpose.

Many thanks.

Mrs Williams

Safer School Meeting 2022 – UPDATE

We had a good meeting today with Ian Bartlett, Crime Prevention Officer from Shropshire Council, Many thanks for all of the questionnaire which were returned.

It is, and always has been a great concern about the road/crossing outside school and the traffic passing through the village and this was evident in the parent questionnaires. Sadly the safer school scheme only relates to the school building and its grounds NOT the road outside.

We have asked Ian for his advice and he has recommended that ANY incidents/near misses outside of the school building relating to the traffic or any issues crossing the road etc, should be informed to school. We will then log these and have the evidence to back up the community/parents & staff concerns.

If anyone would like to discuss this further please call in to the school office and speak to Mrs Smith.

Celebration Assembly – 10th June 2022

Star of the Week :

Jaguar – Leo
Rhino -Holly
Tiger – Owen
Panda – Ivy M
Snow leopards – Mason
Mathematician of the Week: Amber W, Ben, Rhys E & Olivia H

Reader of the Week: Thomas, Luca, Harry-Jai, Immy B

Writer of the Week: Siena, Bradley L & Sebastian

Handwriters of the Week: Eloise & Sarah

Sports Star of the Week: Lucy P, Bradley L, Grace S & Ivy M

Sports for Champions workshop – 6th July

We will be hosting an inspirational workshop with England International Decathlete Matthew Lee on the Wednesday 6th July which all of the children will be taking part in.

Sports For Champions UK (CIC) in partnership with Myddle CofE Primary School and the local community are running a fundraiser to help support the mental and physical health of the pupils after the national lockdowns.

The children will be watching a video in school this week and be invited to join a sponsored fitness circuit led by Matthew, who will educate, enable, and empower participants with a view to inspire them as champions of tomorrow.

Keep an eye out for the sponsorship forms that will be coming home during this week and for more details on this event and our athlete, Matthew, please click on the crowdfunder link below:


Ukefest & Shropshire Sings Concerts

Please see below the updates on these events.

Ukefest – Due to lack of interest we will not be attending this event.

Shropshire Sings (Yr.2 Event) – Sadly, due to circumstances beyond our control, this trip will not be going ahead. If parents have made payments for this event, we will be arranging a full refund. Please accept our sincerest apologises.

Rhino Homework

Last term we studied a Geography unit about Shrewsbury. For homework, I would like the children to produce a poster all about Shrewsbury showcasing all they learnt during the unit.

They should be able to produce information on:

  • Land use
  • Population
  • History
  • Buildings of interest
  • Famous people

The children are more than welcome to do further research if they wish.

It would be great to have this homework handed in before the end of the half term – Friday 27th May.

Many thanks

Mr Glover

Celebration Assembly – 13th May

Star of the Week :

Jaguar – All Yr.6 pupils for their hard work and concentration in their SATs
Rhino -Katheryn
Tiger – William Pa
Panda – Olivia H
Snow leopards – Hugo

Mathematician of the Week: Nerissa, Josh, Odin & Mylah

Reader of the Week: Alfie R, Bradley, Rhys & Freyja

Writer of the Week: Amber W, Finley, Rose & Ivy M

Hand writers of the Week: Ben

Celebration Assembly – 29th April 2022

Star of the Week :
Rhino -Sienna
Tiger – Sebastian
Panda – Logan
Snow leopards – Isla

Mathematician of the Week: Alfie R, Imogen C, Ben, William D & Beau

Reader of the Week: Maisie, Leo, Megan, Charlotte & Freyja

Writer of the Week: Esme, Lucy, Riley, Freddie & Josh B

Hand writers of the Week: Blake, Abi & Jack P