Rhino Homework

Last term we studied a Geography unit about Shrewsbury. For homework, I would like the children to produce a poster all about Shrewsbury showcasing all they learnt during the unit.

They should be able to produce information on:

  • Land use
  • Population
  • History
  • Buildings of interest
  • Famous people

The children are more than welcome to do further research if they wish.

It would be great to have this homework handed in before the end of the half term – Friday 27th May.

Many thanks

Mr Glover

Rhino Homework – 10.12.21

This week, we have been learning how multiplication and division are linked together by being inverse operations.

We then looked at how our x tables can help us with our division.

To help remember the link we created some fab 4’s and fraction 2’s.

Here is an example for 5 x 6:

5 x 6 = 30

6 x 5 = 30

30 ÷ 6 = 5

30 ÷ 5 = 6

1/6 of 30 = 5

1/5 of 30 = 6


For homework, can you write out fab 4’s and fraction 2’s for the following x tables:

7 x 3,   8 x 4,   6 x 7,   3 x 6,   4 x 7

Rhino Homework – 3.12.21

This week, homework is for the children to continue working on their x tables books. They should have had a small red book to start writing out their x tables in and also record some learning tips and patterns.

I would like to share what they have done so far in class on Monday. Please can the children bring in their red books in on Monday.

Thank you

X Tables Check – Year 4

The year 4 x times tables check is scheduled to take place this academic year during the summer term, around June time. This will involve all year 4 pupils taking an online x test. The format of the test will be for the children to answer 25 questions in a given time. We will be covering work on this class as well using laptops and ipads to practise a version of the test itself. But it would be really helpful if you could support your children at home to help them learn all their x tables up to 12 x 12.

Click on the link below to access an example of the test to have a practise. There are 6 seconds to answer each question and questions are generated randomly from the 1 to 12 x tables.

Times Tables Check Test

You can also use the Top Marks website to practise x tables with a game called Hit the Button. Here you can choose a x table to practise as well select division to practise x tables using the inverse method. Click on the link below to access.

Hit The Button

The children are also bringing home a x tables poster and x tables work book. They can display the poster at home and use the book to practise x tables as well as record the tricky bits, patterns and top tips to help them remember each x table by heart.

Please encourage your child to practise and learn their x tables as often as possible. As well as helping them with the x tables check it is also such an important life skill.

Below are some useful documents:

Top tips and games

x Tables Poster

9 x Table Hands

3, 4 and 8 Activity Booklet

7 x Table Activity Booklet

Good luck with your learning

Frog Club in Rhino Class

In Rhino class, we have introduced a maths programme called Frog Club in Rhino class.  This is an scheme that encourages children to have faster recall of number facts. The programme starts with the 10 club and goes through to 99 club and then onto Superstars Division and Superstars Fractions.

By learning these number facts, we really hope that this programme will help your child carry out calculations more easily as they learn to use and apply their knowledge.

Each week, on a Friday, the children will have 5 minutes to complete the test for the club they have been assigned. In order to move on to the next club, they must answer all questions correctly in the time.

Below is a list of all the clubs and the content covered in each.

You can help your child at home by practising fast recall of the number facts in each club.  Click on the link to access each test.


Rhino Homework – 17.9.21

This week, we have been learning about rounding to the nearest multiple of 10 and 100.

The worksheet is in the children’s homework book ready but if you need another copy please click on the tab below.

Rounding homework – 17.9.21

Rhino Homework – 10.9.21

This week, homework is to complete a place value activity (sheet is stuck in homework book) which reflects some of the work we have been covering this week. The activity should take no more than 10 minutes. Please ensure homework is completed and sent back into school Wednesday please.

Have a great weekend.

Rhino Homework 18.6.21

For homework this week, the children are to carry out a spelling investigation related to the use of the apostrophe in contacted words.

For example: you are – you’re, They are – they’re, do not – don’t etc

How many different examples can you find?

Top Tip: You may want to have a look in your reading book or some reading books from home to help you find different examples.

Good luck

Rhino Homework – 11.6.21

This week, Rhino class have finished their unit on time where their learning concentrated on converting between 12 and 24 hour time. Below is short activity to consolidate their learning in this area. Please ensure the children draw the hands on the analogue clock correctly, with the hour and minute hands appropriate length and with the hour hand in the correct position in relation to the number of minutes.

Time Converting