Gifts & Cards

We have had a few parents asking whether they are allowed to bring in end of term cards/gifts for school staff.  We are more than happy for you to do this if you wish.  Please bring any cards/gifts to the main office and leave it in the foyer where the relevant member of staff can collect them.

Please ensure that all gifts are labelled with the staff member’s name. 

Rhino Daily Challenge – Maths

Sitting Round the Party Tables

So, you are at the party and sitting around the table with seven friends.
 8 roundSq
At the top left-hand corner is the friend who is giving the party. She or he has a bag of sweets and starts giving them out in a clockwise direction: one for themselves, two for the next person and three for the next and so on.
8 sweets
There are other similar parties going on at the same time. They have bigger square tables with more children sitting round on each side.
Explore and compare all the tables: Start with 2 on each side as pictured and then, 3 on each side, 4 on each side and 5 on each side.
Can you work out:
  1. The total number of sweets that children sitting opposite each other have?
  2. The total number of sweets needed for each size of the table?
  3. The total number of sweets belonging to children who are diagonally opposite?
Can you spot any patterns?
What about five- and six-sided tables?
5 sides6 sides

Rhino Class – Learning Project WEEK 13 (6th July- 10th July) – Music


Here are all the links for this week’s learning. As well as completing some of these activities, it is important to read daily and practise your x tables as much as possible.

Please click on the link below to access the Rhino Class Learning Project for this week:

Rhino Class Learning Project – Week 13- MUSIC

This week’s project again includes weekly tasks for Maths, Reading, Writing and Spellings and a cross-curricular / topic project. All web links and instructions are included in the document. The timetable is just a suggestion and activities do not necessarily need to be completed in that order. However, try to complete as many of the tasks as you can during the week. 

Use the links below for some Reading Comprehension Activities link to this week’s theme:

Ariana-Grande Comprehension

Ed Sheeran Comprehension

Music Styles Comprehension

Weekly spellings – please access the spellings to learn this week below. This week is week 5. Practise during the week with a test at the end of the week. Try putting the words into sentences too to ensure understanding of each word.

Year 3 Summer 2    Year 4 Summer 2

Please click on links below to access Year 3 and 4 Common Exception words and activities:

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words List

Year 3 and 4 Crosswords

Year 3 and 4 Word Searches

Year 3 and 4 Activity Cards

Year 3 and 4 Dictation Passages

To reinforce the spelling of common words, then please access the high frequency word resources below:

1st 100 High frequency words

2nd 200 High frequency words

Commonly misspelt words – word searches

It is also a good idea to try and write each word into a sentence to ensure understanding of each word and practise using capital letters and full stops.

For those that would like to focus on some writing skills, try the uplevelling sentences resources below:

Uplevelling simple sentences

BBC Bitesize have some great daily activities in a range of subjects. If you would like to have look and try out some of the activities, then follow the links below:

Year 3 BBC Bitesize

Year 4 BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy has also put together some amazing resources to support learning at home. There are lessons to follow for each day of the week which can be accessed using the links below.

Year 3 – week 11   Year 4 – week 11

The academy is currently on week 11 of these resources but if you find them useful in supporting your child at home then you can also access weeks 1 – 10 by scrolling down the web page.

There are also some great maths lessons on the White Rose website.

Videos for week 11 can be accessed via the following links:

Year 3 Mass   Year 4 Angles & Shape

Corresponding worksheets can be accessed here:

Year 3 Lesson 1  Lesson 2  Lesson 3  Lesson 4

Year 4 Lesson 1  Lesson 2  Lesson 3  Lesson 4

You can also try completing some arithmetic tests. They are great practise mental calculating: Have another go at these this week and I will upload some different examples next week.

Year 3: Test-1b  Test-2b  Test-3b  Test-4b  Test-5b  Test-6b

Year 4: Test-1b  Test-2b  Test-3b  Test-4b  Test-5b  Test-6b

Again, if you’re feeling like being energetic, then click on the link below for a daily workout from the body coach Joe Wicks. For now, three days a week, he will  stream a live 30 minute PE lesson for pupils access at home at 9 am. There are also a wealth of 5/10 min workouts specifically aimed at children which are great.

Joe Wicks – Workout Sessions

It was great last week to see so many examples of the work the children had completed as well as photos of them working, so if you like to share your child’s work with me (for rewards and feedback), again this can be done via the Class Dojo portfolio. As usual, if you have any queries, please continue to contact me via the Class Dojo app.

I will also set some daily challenges on a Tuesday and Thursday and send the link out via Class Dojo around 8am each day.

Kind regards and keep well

Mr Glover

Health and Safety Policy

Thank you for drawing our attention to the fact that an out of date H&S policy was appearing on the school website.

We have now uploaded the current one which will be reviewed, as usual, during the Autumn Term.

Please be assured that this was an administrative error and the policy is reviewed annually by the School Governors.


Mrs L Knight
School Business Manager



Following the recent post regarding the cancellation of the Bike-ability for the Year 6 pupils, we have been advised that the course is being ran during the summer holidays at several locations in the area.

I have attached the link below for you to have a look at and to register if you would like your child to take part.

Mrs Smith


Summer Holiday Sport Club – Jonny Hughes

We have been asked to share this message from Jonny Hughes.

Shrewsbury Town in the Community are trying to gauge if there is a demand for a multi sport Summer camp to be delivered from St John the Baptist CE Primary School – Ruyton.
All of our sessions are fun and inclusive but importantly follow the correct social distancing guidelines and policies set by the Government.

Jonny Hughes