Making bread and butter

Yesterday, we listened to the story of the Little Red Hen. After we discussed how the Little Red Hen made the bread talking about each stage of the process. We then had a go at following a recipe and weighing out the ingredients to make our own bread.
In the afternoon, we discussed where we think butter comes from, some children suggested milk and some said cream. I showed the children a pot of cream and asked them if they thought we would be able to turn the cream into butter ourselves. We made our predictions and then had a go. First, we poured the cream into some jars and then we had to shake until we could see the cream getting thicker. This was very tiring but the children displayed excellent teamwork sharing the jars around. Eventually, the cream turned solid into butter and we enjoyed the butter on our bread rolls.

Storyteller Visit

This afternoon we had our story workshop from Shropshire based storyteller Sally Tonge and what a fantastic afternoon we had! Sally told the children some stories and rhymes based on traditional tales to reinforce our learning from before half term. She told the story of the Three Little Pigs using her amazing props and through song using her guitar and she had the children hooked from start to finish!
We also all joined together with Snow Leopards at the end to take part in a big sing where we sang the song: The Wheels on the Bus, however our bus was no ordinary bus as we had unicorns, princesses and ghosts on it and we had to think of noises and actions to represent these characters. Such great imagination and creativity this afternoon from all of Snow Leopards and Pandas – well done everyone!

Meet Daisy the cow

This afternoon, we started learning about our new topic: Food & Farming.
We started by discussing the question: where does our food come from? Then, we discussed where milk comes from. We read a story all about how milk comes from cows and looked at how farmers milked today using machines vs a long time ago milking by hand.
We then had a special visit from Daisy the cow and the children had a go at milking her by hand. The children had so much fun and very quickly realised that it takes a long time and lots of hard work to get just a small amount of milk by hand.

Such brilliant learning today Panda Class – Well done!






Extra Tickets – Panda & Tiger Performance

All performance tickets that have been paid for will be coming home tonight with your child. Look out for a brown envelope!!

Please double check the tickets you have received carefully. You should only have received the amount of tickets that you have paid for on School Gateway.

IF you returned a slip asking for extra tickets when they were made available, you have been added to a new payment in gateway named “Panda & Tiger EXTRA Tickets”. Please access this and purchase the extra tickets you requested.

These  tickets will be issued once payment has been received,  and priority given to the time/date of each transaction until the tickets are all gone.

If you cant see this EXTRA Tickets payment please drop Mrs Smith an email on



Learning about Remembrance Day

This afternoon we have been learning all about Remembrance Day. We found out and discussed why we wear poppies. We watched a lovely Cbeebies video called ‘Poppies’ and the children had a great discussion about the meaning of this video. We then explored lots of poppy themed activities such as; poppy painting on cling film, printing poppy wreaths with apples, making clay poppies and drawing poppies.

Panda and Snow Leopards have had lots of fun this afternoon and have done some super learning – Well done everyone!

Panda Class Science

Over the past few weeks children in Panda Class have been exploring the subject of ‘Animals Including Humans’. 

Year 1 have worked very hard to compare a range of animals, talking about their similarities and differences. Next, children investigated 5 different animal groups – mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds.  Then, they had a look at animal diets, again, comparing what animals eat, and then discussing which animals are carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.

Reception joined in by discussing animals, and then made a range of different animal homes, according to the animals size and needs.  They used Dear Zoo as a starting point and were very busy constructing the homes and painting some wonderful animals too.

Next we will be exploring our senses, with a range of different investigations to find out more. .

Well done Panda Class


New Nursery Leader

We are really pleased to let you know that Clare Evans will be taking over as our nursery leader in January. Clare already works with our Snow-leopards every Friday and as a TA in school the rest of the week. Clare has had extensive nursery experience prior to joining Myddle and can’t wait to get back into a nursery setting. Clare knows all of the children really well, so we hope it will be a smooth transition for you all.

We thank Liz for looking after the nursery so competently over the last few weeks; Liz will now move into her new role as the Panda Class teaching assistant.

We also welcome Katie Hinton to the EYFS team. Katie has worked with us a lot on a casual basis and absolutely LOVES this age group. She will now work every Wednesday in Snow-Leopards and every Friday in Panda class.  Fran will continue to be in nursery full time, so we have a great team in place.

Any questions, please do catch a member of staff and ask, email the school admin or call in. In the new year, we will open the doors to parents and carers so that you can meet everyone.

Thank you all for your on-going support.