World Book Day 2024

World book day was lots of fun, we had three Peter rabbits, a Chick and the Gruffalo came to play. We made Snow Leopards paper plates and learnt lots of interesting facts about where they live and what they like to eat.

What a busy week for Snow Leopards!

On Monday afternoon we had a fantastic time with our story teller friend Sal, we sang lots of songs and played lots of fun games relating to the songs.

On Wednesday we made our bread and our own butter which we absolutely loved doing it was hard work making the butter all that shake shake shaking.

Porridge tasting.

This week we have been reading the story Goldilocks and the three bears and we have been doing lots of exciting activities in nursery. We have had great fun exploring porridge for tactile play which the children loved exploring with their hands. On Tuesday we had porridge for snack time which we added different topping and fruit too this was a great snack and the porridge was just right, like baby bears.

Applications for Reception Starters -Deadline to Apply!!!!!!

The deadline for applications for your child(ren) to start school in Reception in September 2024 closes on Monday 15 January 2024.

Please ensure that you make an application online via the Shropshire Council’s portal – Synergy – Homepage (

Please note that if you do not make an online application, your child will not be allocated a school place.

If you have any queries regarding the application process, please contact the School Admissions Team via email

“Tree”mendous Trees

Today in forest school we did bark and leaf rubbings, then this afternoon we made our rubbings into a big tree picture. The children really enjoyed this activity with Panda Class.

Forest School 6.10.23

Today we had lots of fun in forest school making bug houses and shelters. The children collected lots of sticks an placed them into pots and made a shelter around them. They really enjoyed this activity.

Playdoh :-)

Today we made playdoh, all Snow Leopards really enjoyed mixing and stirring all the ingredients together. Fran then cooked the playdoh on the hob,  and here we have our red playdoh well done Snow Leopards.