Forest School 6.10.23

Today we had lots of fun in forest school making bug houses and shelters. The children collected lots of sticks an placed them into pots and made a shelter around them. They really enjoyed this activity.

Playdoh :-)

Today we made playdoh, all Snow Leopards really enjoyed mixing and stirring all the ingredients together. Fran then cooked the playdoh on the hob,  and here we have our red playdoh well done Snow Leopards.

PE session with Neil

Snow Leopards today were practicing their target throwing and balancing a bean bag on their head whilst walking. They were amazing and followed all the instructions given by coach Neil, Well done Snow Leopards.

Forest School Friday 8th September 2023

Last Friday Snow Leopards really enjoyed their first session in forest school with Panda class. We started our session with a scavenger hunt of things that we could see in forest all the children loved finding the items and exploring. We also enjoyed a game of hide and seek it was lots of fun finding interesting places to hide, but Mr Glover found us all he is a super seeker.

We are looking forward to our next forest school session this Friday am.


Sports Day 2023

Snow Leopards really enjoyed sports day yesterday, they loved practicing for our races with coach Neil on a Friday morning. They did really well and were all amazing throughout the afternoon. Well done Snow Leopards.


Our New Mud Kitchen

This is our lovely new mud kitchen made by Katie’s husband Mike, I’m sure you will agree how fantastic this looks. We are in the process of updating the children mud kitchen area and this is a fantastic start. Thank you Mike for your hard work, we love it.

Senses, Touch

Last week we had lots of fun exploring different tactile items for our senses topic Touch, we had dry pasta, spaghetti, noodles, gloop, spaghetti in a tomato sauce, custard and rice. The children enjoyed exploring how each tray felt to touch and if they like the feel of it.

Easter Egg Hunt 2023

Today we had lots of fun on our Easter Egg hunt round nursery. The children enjoyed looking for the eggs and rabbit feet, once they had one of each they traded them in for real chocolate. Which they really enjoyed 🙂 This week we will send home a little Easter bag with them with some treats in off Katie, Fran and myself.