Panda Class Home Learning Tuesday 26th January

Welcome to Tuesday’s learning.

All Pandas

It was so lovely to see you yesterday on our Zoom, you were great at doing those speedy drawings! Well done.

Phonics – Ruth Miskin Live Lessons for Set 1,2 & 3.

Carry on with your set’s schedule each day.

This link is for the next few weeks of the ‘live lesson’ schedule.   

Use this video to help you sound out letters, then blend them together to read the word.


If you want a change of pace, try some Cosmic Kids Yoga.


English – Year 1 – Reception can choose this too if you would like to continue with The Magic Paint Brush. If not, follow the Reception work.

In this lesson, (6) we will box up the story and explore the moods in each section.


English – Reception

Lesson 4 – The Noisy House

To use actions to mime a story.

In this lesson, we will use actions learned through learning a nursery rhyme to mime a story.

Maths – Year 1

Place value within 50. There are a few resources for this, see what works best for you. Teaching video

PP Y1-Spring-Block-2-PPT-Count-forwards-and-backwards-within-50-2020 PowerPoint

teaching slides Spr1.5.3-Counting-forwards-and-backwards-within-50 (1) teaching slides.

Work sheet Y1-Spring-Block-2-WO-Count-forwards-and-backwards-within-50-2020  Work sheet

Reception – Numbers 6,7 & 8.


Enjoy the 6,7,8 Number Maze


After all that hard work enjoy the story of Kipper’s Toy Box.


History – All Pandas

Christopher Columbus 

Watch the video, make a note of some facts you find interesting and play the game to order the events cards. Then, fill in the missing words on the Christopher Columbus sheet. 



Have a really lovely day Pandas.

Mandy Turner


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