Learning From Home – Y5&6 Jaguar class – Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Well done to all of you who have quickly got back into ‘work mode’ yesterday and sent me what you’ve produced at home. There was plenty to show on the ‘Review of the Day’ from yesterday. Maths for both Y5 and Y6 needed a lot of thought and focus so keep persevering and thinking carefully.

Review of the day – Monday 22nd February 2021

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again at our 9:15am Zoom meeting today. Here’s the link that you will need….

Meeting ID: 965 8199 0299
Passcode: jPgK45


Here is a link to a Speak out Stay safe virtual assembly which is being held on Facebook, at 10am on Tuesday 23rd February.  There are special celebrity appearances from Ant and Dec and David Walliams. The assembly helps children understand the importance of talking about their worries, and how Childline can support them. It is hoped this will be a fun yet really informative opportunity for schools and parents home schooling alike.


Here’s today’s learning from home……..

English – More learning about complex sentences but today, you are going to focus on using relative clauses instead of subordinate clauses.
English Lesson – Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Activity – Slide 89


Maths Y5s – Subtracting fractions recap – Dylan, Alfie, Cass and Blake – Questions 9, 10, 11 and 12
Y5 Maths – Tuesday


Maths Y5s – Subtracting fractions recap – Ariana, Lilly, Maisie and Alex – Questions 5, 6, 7 and 8
Y5 Maths – Tuesday


Maths Y5s – Subtracting fractions recap – Sam, Ollie, Sophie and Esme – Bronze, then Silver, then Gold
Y5 Maths Tuesday – Subtracting Fractions


Maths Y6s – Algebra continued……
Y6 Maths 23.2.21
Heidi, Alissa, Nelly, Amy, Cameron and Izzy – Questions 5, 6, 7 and 8
All other Y6s – Questions 1, 2, 3 and 4
Y6 Maths Activity – Tuesday 23.2.21


Guided Reading
Y5s – Arctic Hero – Pages 8 to 11
Arctic Hero Y5 – Follow up – Pages 8-11


Guided Reading
Y6s – Race to the Frozen North – Pages 12 to 17
Race To The Frozen North Y6 – Follow up Pages 12-17


Science – Today, you are learning about ‘pure’ / ‘impure’ substances and ‘mixtures’.
Science Lesson 7 – Pure, Impure and Mixtures
Watch the video from 19 minutes 43 seconds until the end.
Watch the video all the way through.

*You will need a glass (cup) water, some oil, washing up liquid and a spoon.

Have a good day.

Mr Hughes


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