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Rhino Homework 20.11.20

This week, Rhino class have been learning about calculating perimeter.

When adding together a series of numbers together, please encourage your children to list, pair, reduce and then add. This is when the children list all measurements as an addition and then match pairs to add together to create a second but reduced list of numbers to add. The second, reduced list should be much easier and quicker to add together.


list:              6 + 4  + 7 + 3 + 8 + 4 =

Pair:          (6 + 4)  + (7 + 3) + (8 + 4) =

Reduce and add:     10  + 10  +  12  = 36

Please click on the link below to access this week’s perimeter homework activity:

Perimeter Homework

Rhino Homework 13.11.20

This week, homework is to practise frog club sheets ready for the test next Friday (20.11.20).

Each child has been given 2 sheets, so please encourage them to practise at least twice this week.  If you want to practise more, then further sheets can be accessed on a previous post in the Rhino homework section of the school website.

Many thanks

Rhino Homework 6.11.20

This week, homework looks at how to recognise and write expanded noun phrases.

A noun phrase usually has a determiner (e.g. a or the etc) and a noun ( an object, thing or place etc) For example: a dog or the cinema.

An expanded noun phrase introduces an adjective to describe the noun e.g. a brown dog or the busy cinema.

Below is a video which explains further about expanded noun phrases.

BBC Bitesize – Expanded noun phrases

Below is the link to this week’s homework. There are 3 progressive activities, which can be used to further extend learning if feel appropriate.

Year 4 – Identifying-Noun-Phrases

Rhino Homework 9.10.20

This week, the homework is linked to our class text ‘Stig of the dump’.

We have just finished reading chapter 4 this week, which ends with Stig causing a stampede during a fox hunt. The challenge for homework, using the word bank given, is to write a description of the hunt and what goes wrong!

Please click on the links below to access the activity sheet as well as chapter 4 just in case you would like to read it again.

Description of the hunt – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Rhino Homework 18.9.20

In maths this week, we have been learning about partitioning.

Below, is a link to three progressive activities. Children can choose to complete the next activity if they feel they would like a further challenge.

Maths Homework 18.9.20

Please ensure that homework is completed and returned before Thursday each week so that it can be marked before handing out new homework on a Friday. I have told the class, that I am unable to mark homework during the school day when it is handed in on a Friday.

Many thanks

Frog Club – Mental Maths

Today we have introduced a maths programme called Frog Club in Rhino class.  This is an initiative that encourages children to have faster recall of number facts.The programme starts with the 10 club and goes through to 99 club and then onto Superstars Division and Superstars Fractions.

By learning these number facts, we really hope that this programme will help your child carry out calculations more easily as they learn to use and apply their knowledge.

Each week, on a Friday, the children will have 5 minutes to complete the test for the club they have been assigned. In order to move on to the next club, they must answer all questions correctly in the time.

Below is a list of all the clubs and the content covered in each.

You can help your child at home by practising fast recall of the number facts in each club.  Click on the link to access each test.



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