Children in Need -How to buy a duck

In each classroom, the school council / teachers have been put in charge of the duck race entry’s. If your child wishes to buy a duck, give the money (£2:00) to the teacher or school council and you can choose your desired duck.

Your child’s name will be put down underneath the duck and they will be handed a slip of paper with their duck on it.
They can buy a duck at break times and they are only permitted to buy one duck in total to ensure that everyone who wants one can have the chance. In larger classes, there are a maximum of 20 ducks to purchase, so first come, first served.
We hope that clarifies things,
Heidi and Amy
Student Council

Children In Need 2020 – Heidi and Amy – Student Council

On the 13th of November 2020, Myddle School are taking part in this years Children in Need (Pudsey Day.) Our theme is rainbow to thank the NHS for all their wonderful work through out this crazy year. We would like to mention that it is a £1:00 donation to come dressed up; make sure that you can do PE in these clothes.
Each year there is an annual duck race hosted by the BBC. Buy a duck for £2:00 and get the chance to win a box of sweets. There is a choice of 20 ducks, all based of famous characters eg: Leonardo da Swimci, James Pond, Hey Duckee and many more. One duck will win and who ever chose that particular duck will get a prize. There will be one winner from each class.
Good luck!