Results from your environmental review – Mrs W

Thank you for completing the environmental review with your class. Now that we are all back in school, we can look at working on some of the areas you identified. I will summarise the results below.

These are the main issues that we can start to try and improve at our school:

too many devices are left on standby, like computer monitors, laptops and plugs;
we don’t use any renewable sources of energy, like solar or wind;
we don’t take part in any national energy saving initiatives.

we don’t ban straws, balloons or single use plastic at school.

we could make better use of the compost bins;
teachers use too much paper and laminate too much;
we could recycle much more of our rubbish.

Healthy Living:
we need to grow more of our own fruit and vegetables.

Do we encourage wild flowers, bees and insects? Do we have a wild flower area?

Which are the most important things to work on?
Have you got any ideas? Write them in the comments!

Anyone in the school can comment please and let the ECO-CHAMPIONS know!

Vote for the Eco-Champions badge

Well done to the eco-champions for working hard on a badge logo. Please could you comment below as to which badge design you think we should use for our new eco-champions to wear? Choose a number, or tell us a couple if you can’t decide! Thanks.

Ariana how you can help

To help our world here are 3 steps :
Ride your bike to school instead of a car 🚴‍♀️🚸
Have quick showers to not waste water🚱
And pick up litter people have dropped🚮