Rhino Home Learning – Thursday 28.1.21

Good Morning,

Hope you all had a good day yesterday.

Please remember to send in photos of your work or a list of what has been completed. Many thanks.

Good luck today and do your best! Remember tomorrow is Free up Friday!

Activity 1:

Reading: The BFG chapter 8

Please read chapter  ‘Snozzcumbers’ of the BFG and answer the ‘Day 1’ and ‘Day 2’ questions

BFG Text Chapters 6 – 10


Activity 2: English: ‘The Big Write’

Today you need to make sure your writing is finished. Use the time to finish the parts that you need to.

When you finish, read back through your work and check for:

  • Capital letters and full stops
  • A range of punctuation used accurately
  • Neat and joined handwriting

Also check your work against the success criteria. Have you included each features? Are you happy with your vocabulary choices?

Success Criteria

Read it out loud to see how your writing sounds and flows. 

I look forward to seeing your final pieces.

Activity 3:

Maths: Today is the third lesson on Area and involves the children learning on comparing area.

Below are links to the white rose video for today’s learning and the corresponding activity sheets for ‘Comparing Area’

Video lesson

Y4 Spring Block 2-Comparing area

Activity 4:

RE: What kind of world did Jesus want?

Activity 1: Think about how our school and community link with St. Peter’s Church. Can you make a list of some of things that the school and community does which are linked to the church. You could look on the Parish website to get some ideas. Parish Website

Create an information page – draw the church and write some labels around it from what you find out.

Activity 2: Imagine Jesus was looking for someone to help create the kind world he wanted.

Create a ‘wanted’ poster for the job. 

  • Think about the kind of attributes the person would need in your job description.
  • Make your poster attractive to encourage lots of people to apply.



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