Panda Class Home Learning Wednesday 13th January

Wednesday 13th January 2021

Hi Pandas, I have really enjoyed seeing you in photos/messages on Class Dojo – you look so busy!  You need to say and do (show your grown up) a great big Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Both Year Groups

Phonics   Following the Live schedule Ruth Miskin on YouTube (these lessons are proving to be popular and the children love them).

Reading – Oxford Owl free e-books   Both year groups (These are such a good resource).

Reception – Name writing.  Can your child write their name independently? Are the letters formed correctly? Are all the letters a uniform size?

Reception – Maths


Use counters/dice to extend the activity and make some of your own.

Art – Both year groups

Last week we worked on creating our patterns. They looked great by the way!

This week we are learning to make pictures from printing with every day objects, such as Lego.  You could use the story Lost and Found to inspire you to create pictures, or a picture of the Continents or any picture you want.

If you don’t have paints at home you could cut out pages of different colours/textures from magazines to build up a picture. Or use an ipad/computer with a painting program. Whatever you have to hand…

Use this link for how the activity might work, if you have paints.

Or, this one if you are using coloured paper.

Year 1  Spellings –  Don’t forget to practise the spellings and add them in to a sentence when writing.

English – History 

In English today we are going to read the PowerPoint about the life of Christopher Columbus. You may need to support your child with some of the reading. Discuss the key facts; his age when he began, the method of travel, what it would have been like on board and where he went for example.

Then, use the comprehension sheets to answer the questions.  Refer back to the PowerPoint and point to the facts that are needed to answer the question. When complete read the sheet in full to make sure that the answers match the questions.

Christopher Columbus Comprehension Sheet PowerPoint

Christopher Columbus Comprehension Sheet

Use this map to see where he travelled – Which Continent did he travel to?


PE / Yoga

Maths – Subtracting crossing 10


Y1-Spring-Block-1-PPT5-Subtraction-crossing-10-1-2019 (2)

An investigation – Thinking about the boat that the boy made in the story, Lost and Found, your task is to make a sturdy boat that would stay afloat if you were to put it in some water.

Next, can you make it strong enough to carry passengers?  A real challenge! See if you can find some toys figures to be passengers.

Use recycling tubs, trays and boxes, anything you can get your hands on.

Boat Size and Strength Testing UtW STEM Activity

I can’t wait to see the creations!

Best wishes

Mandy Turner

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