Panda Class Home Learning Tuesday 2nd February

Hi Pandas,

Phonics – Ruth Miskin Live Lessons for Set 1,2 & 3. These ‘Live’ lessons are available for 24 hrs then they are removed.

Carry on with your set’s schedule each day.

This link is for the next few weeks of the ‘live lesson’ schedule.   

Have a look at Alphablocks to build knowledge of blending sounds to read words.

If you want a change of pace, try some Cosmic Kids Yoga.


English – Year 1

Lesson 10  (The last one) The Magic Paint Brush.

In this final lesson, we will write the ending of our story, the ‘Magic Paintbrush’, focusing particularly on the mood created.

Reception –  Lesson 8 The Noisy House.

In this lesson, we will be using choral storytelling to teach a retelling of a recycled story.

Maths – Year 1 Comparing numbers within 50.

Teaching Slides Spr1.6.4-Compare-numbers-within-50

Work sheet  Compare-numbers-within-50-2019 (1)

PowerPoint  Y1-Spring-Block-2-WO6-Compare-numbers-within-50-2019


Lesson 2 In this lesson children will recap what they already know about 3D shapes and then we will use the characteristics of the shapes which are most suitable to build different structures.


Your task this week is to think about what you would like to know about Christopher Columbus.  Write him a letter asking him 3 questions.  I think I would ask him how he felt when he set off on his first voyage.  Year 1, use capitals and question marks when writing. Don’t forget to think about his feelings; what he can see, hear, smell & touch. Reception have a go at writing to him – can you ask him a question? You could draw a picture at the end of your letter.

Have a lovely day.

Mandy Turner

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