Panda Class Home Learning Monday 1st February

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a good weekend.

Gosh, February already!

Here is the outline for Monday’s learning.

9:00 Worship with Mrs Williams. Link is as before, on Class Dojo

PE with Joe Wicks

or Mr Wright TWWG- ‘Move’,

All Pandas  Phonics – Ruth Miskin Live Lessons for Set 1,2 & 3 schedule.

Carry on with your set’s schedule each day.

I have added a sheet with all of the sounds in each set, so that you can keep up to date and on track.  Tick off a sound each time your child tells you what it is when shown – we are aiming for a rapid recall of the sound rather than needing thinking time.


Have a look at Alphablocks – a fun way to learn to read 1 syllable words.


Year 1 The Magic Paintbrush Lesson 9 – In this lesson, we will continue to write the Magic Paintbrush story, focusing on the mood created. Part 2.

Reception – In this lesson, we will be recycling a story and creating a new one through a new nursery rhyme.


Year 1 Numbers within 50 

Teaching Slides Spr1.6.3-Compare-objects-to-50




Y1-Spring-Block-2-WO5-Compare-objects-within 50


Reception – 3D Shapes

L1 In this lesson children will find and describe everyday household objects as 3D shapes.

All Pandas – Reading  Oxford Owl free e-books.  Aim to read 1 book per day.  

Enjoy your reading.  Have a look at this reading of the Cake-O-Saurus! By Celia Warren.

Story Time – The Gruffalo 

Can you draw any of the characters? Can you label any of their features?

All Pandas – Art – We are going to listen to a sound and use it to inspire a drawing. We have five different sounds to choose from.

Your challenge is to draw a creature inspired by the sound you hear.

What does it look like? Does it sound like a big or small creature? Is it real, imaginary, or a bit of both? Where does it live? Does it have a superpower?

You can also use ‘Tate Paint’ on the website to create your artwork.


Have a great Monday.

Mandy Turner

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