Y5&6 Spring Term 2 – Week 2 – Spellings

Y5 – Homophones

grate / great (Grate the cheese) (This is great!)

groan / grown (I heard a groan) (I have grown a lot)

brake / break (I had to brake on my bike). (It’s time for a break)

berry / bury (I tasted a berry.) (We had to bury the bird)

here / hear (It’s over here.) (I can’t hear you.)


Y6 – Suffix ‘ous’ ‘ture’

disastrous     conscious     mischievous       fabulous       poisonous      adventure   creature         temperature      departure       furniture


Y5&6 Spellings – Spring Term 1 – Week 6

Y5 Spellings – ‘sh’ spelt ‘ch’ and ‘s’ spelt ‘sc’       
machine, chef, parachute, brochure, champagne, science, scene, scissors, ascend, descend


Y6 Expected spellings
foreign, forty, frequency, government, guarantee, harass, hindrance, identity, immediate, individual


Spellings Y5 and Y6 – Spring Term 1 Week 4

Y5 Spring Term Week 4 Spellings – ‘k’ spelt ‘ch’ –
character, chorus, chemist, echo, school, mechanic, stomach, ache, chaos, technology


Y6 Spring Term Week Spellings – Homophones
descent / dissent
precede / proceed
advice / advise
flour / flower
throne / thrown


Y5&6 Spellings – Friday 21st January 2021


Y6 Homophones –
morning / mourning, past / passed, profit / prophet, stationery / stationary, steal / steel


Y5 Suffix ‘cian’, ‘sion’, tion’
musician, electrician, magician, optician, mathematician, injection, invention, action, discussion, confession




Spring Term 1 Spellings Week 2

Y5 Spellings (Suffix ‘ous’)
tremendous, enormous, dangerous, poisonous, jealous, famous, serious, obvious, delicious, courageous


Y6 Spellings (Homophones)
desert / dessert
draft / draught
practise / practice
guest / guessed
heard / herd



For all weekly Jaguar spellings, they can be accessed on Spelling Shed, which the children all have usernames and passwords for. The children can also be practising their understanding of the Y3&4 and Y5&6 expected spellings lists, which they have a copy of in the back of their homework books.

Here are the spellings for this week:

Y5 – exercise, experience, experiment, extreme, famous, favourite, February, forwards, fruit, grammar

Y6 – (Homophones) aisle / isle, aloud / allowed, alter / altar, bridle / bridal, cereal / serial

SNIP Spellings Y6 – change, jumped, leave, often, opened, started, today, tries, turned


SNIP Spellings – Esme, Sophie and Alfie – brother, house, many, night, that, took, were, what, with


SNIP Spellings – Dylan and Ollie – almost, asked, began, does, found, I’m, know, stopped and walk

Kind regards

Mr G Hughes