Tiger Class – Home learning – Tuesday 26th January

Year 2 Tigers are invited to join Mrs Crowe in a Zoom call, at 9.30am for a briefing of the day’s lessons.At 10am, it’s Year 3 turn to catch-up with Mrs Crowe and be briefed about the day’s activities.

In the afternoon, the Year 3 spelling test will be live on Zoom, at 2pm. Children will also have a chance to ask any questions about today’s lessons or share their work.

All details for logging into our Zoom calls have been sent to parents via ClassDojo.

Today’s links to video lessons and tasks:


  • Maths – Multiplication and Division

Lesson: Divide by 5

5x table song

Worksheet: Y2-Spring-Block-1-WO5-Divide-by-5-2019


  • Maths – New Unit: Money

Lesson: Convert pounds and pence

Worksheet: Y3-Spring-Block-2-WO2-Convert-pounds-and-pence-2019

All Tigers

  • New spelling lists, to be tested next week (on Monday for Year 2 and on Tuesday for Year 3):

Year 2: Adding ing to words ending in e with a consonant before it – Lesson 17

Year 3: Homophones words which have the same pronunciation but different meanings and or spellings – Lesson 17

Last Summer, during the first lockdown, we have completed a Space weekly project, aimed at KS1. There is also a project aimed at Lower KS2 (Years 3 and 4), which some of you might enjoy: Y3_4-Learning-Project-SPACE

These activities can be complete throughout this half-term / lockdown.

For those who missed the KS1 Space project the first time around, there are more suitable activities for Year 2 in that one: KS1-Learning-Project-SPACE

Weekly assignments for Maths Shed and Spelling Shed will be updated tomorrow, once both year groups have done their weekly tests: www.edshed.com

Don’t forget to read everyday. If you need other books at the relevant level, please send me a message, or access a variety of e-books on the Oxford Owl e-book library. Please have a look at our main Class page for many other free resources you might find useful.

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