Snow Leopards

Good Morning Snow Leopards.
We are very excited to be hopefully seeing you all again very soon!


This week’s agenda for nursery:
We have been kindly donated a Puppet Show. We will be designing and making our own puppets using socks, googly eyes, craft pieces, templates (links below) and paint.
Once made and dried the children will create stories and perform at the Puppet Show!

Maybe you could join in at home! We would love to see your creations.

Find a space around your house – over the arm of the chair, the table, the worktop or if you are feeling creative you could make your own theatre out of a cupboard box! Anywhere you could hide behind to perform your puppet show will be perfect.
Please feel free to record your show and upload them onto Dojo. We would love to see what you have come up with!

We watched a short clip on puppet shows on the whiteboard to give the children an idea of what a puppet show really is. I have added the links below.

On the topic of socks we have linked this to maths – matching the odd socks, counting the socks and attempting simple number problems.
– Can you match up the socks?
– Can you count the pairs?
– Can you count them individually?
– Are there any odd socks?
– Can you hang them on a washing line? (fine motor skills)
– Can you work out simple number problems?

Story time: Simon Sock
(The story can be found on YouTube)

I am always available on Dojo if you have any queries or questions
Take care

Jodie Phillips

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