Panda Class Overview of Learning w/c 22nd June 2020

Hello Panda Parents,

We’ve all been working so hard this week: at home and at school, in our bubbles.  Well done and a big thank you to all.

Maths – This week in maths we are looking at halving and odd / even numbers.  Collect an even number of small items, count them so you both know how many there are at the start. Perhaps use some food for a teddy bears picnic.  Have 2 plates and share the food out equally. Make sure the sharing is fair.  Then progress this to start with an odd number of items and talk about what happens when you have shared fairly but there is a left over, this must mean we started with an odd number of items. Talk about odd and even numbers. Encourage your child to draw pictures to record their findings. Children could build towers with odd and even numbers of bricks, again, draw what they have found out and discuss odd and even numbers. ‘An odd number is a number that cannot be shared out fairly between 2 people.’


We can also complete any maths activity sheets from last week too – these are good to keep revisiting basic number operations.

Phonics – In phonics this week we are revising recognising and writing, correctly, all of the set one sounds.  I have sent a link to the set one sounds so you know which ones they are.  I have also added a video clip to see how the letters should be formed.  The correct letter formation is important to crack at an early age then children don’t start with habits which are hard to break later on in school.  Ultimately, the aim is for older children to have cursive handwriting and the correct formation is vital for this to be successful.

The link below shows which letters/sounds are in which set.


The link below is a link to the parents area of Read Write Inc phonics where you will find lots of resources for reading and phonics in general.

There re some writing/phonics sheets too which will hopefully be fun and help to cement our phonics.  The sentences in bold should, ideally, be read by the children with your support.

Phonics Activity Mats

If I can be of help with anything please let me know.  Have a great week.

Mandy Turner

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