Panda Class Learning w/c 4th May 2020

Hi Pandas – Another huge effort from you last week – you are working so hard on a variety of wonderful things. Your photos and videos have really shown the determination you have to learn whilst having fun. A huge well done to you all!
The pattern work last week was very impressive. This can be continued to create more complex patterns. It is important that each pattern has at least three full units of repeat. The more units of repeat the easier it is to identify the pattern. Encourage your child to say the pattern aloud.

Patterns can also be found in stories – such as We’re going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. Encourage your child to build their own bear hunt journeys using things you find around the house/garden and repeat the patterned language from the story as they travel through them. They could also invent language patterns of their own.

If you feel you have completed enough work on patterns then we are moving on to Adding through change. Which is when the children will use real objects to see that the quantity of a group can be changed by adding more. This is the first, then, now structure.

For example: First, there were 5 people on the bus. Then 2 more people got on. Now there are 7 people on the bus. This structure uses mathematical stories to create a meaningful context. Create these ‘stories’ for your child and then see if they can make one for you.

Draw them or use every day objects to create the ‘story’.
A good story for this is Mr Gumpy’s Outing by John Burningham – After reading the story ask your child to create a boat and make their own first, then, now stories as different groups of characters climb aboard. This is a link to Mr Gumpy’s Outing

All of the above is very practical and done through talk but if you feel it could be recorded then that is great but not to be pushed if your child is unwilling. Monster Points seem to be working well as a bribe…

Reading – Lots of reading and listening to stories being read.
This is a link to Story Time from Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc.

Writing – Create lists.
This could be linked to the maths work – ‘Who was in Mr Gumpy’s boat?’ Write a list of each character. Shopping lists and ‘To Do’ lists are also good activities.

Children could make stick puppets of the characters and act out the story. They could also act out the story themselves, using props from around the house and garden.

Phonics – These are brilliant free resources that will really support your child’s phonic knowledge – I definitely recommend watching them.   This is an online booklet for sets 2 and 3 speed sounds from RWI phonics.  This is a Ruth Miskin Speed Sounds lesson schedule, it runs to 19th May at the moment.

If you need any information or support please send me a message and I will gladly get back to you. If you need more guidance and ideas, I have added a link below with some ideas and information about supporting young children with their mental well-being.
Have a good week.
Mandy Turner

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