Panda Class Home Learning Wednesday 3rd March

Hi Pandas,

I hope you are having a good week.

Not long now until 8th March… I’m counting down the days!! I can’t wait to see you all.

Continue with Phonics as per the schedule.

Continue reading and enjoying those amazing books!

PE  With Joe Wicks or our own Mr Wright with TWWG ‘Move’ sessions on YouTube.

English  – All Pandas  Enjoy the story of Peace at Last by Jill Murphy.


After listening to the story encourage your child to say which parts of the story were their favourite parts and why they like them.  What happened to Mr Large? What was the problem? What were the noises?

Can you create a story map showing the different events that happen as Mr Large tries to get away from the noise to get some sleep.


I would choose Story Map B, from the one in the link.  Add the details from the story into the right areas, thinking carefully about what happened.

Encourage your child to retell the story from their story map – perhaps ‘reading’ it to a younger brother or sister or a favourite teddy.

Maths – All Pandas  (Year one,  continue with your Measures booklet, then have a go at these activities).Try estimating how long a minute lasts for.  Can you count to 60, does it take a minute?

What can you do in a minute? How many times can you write your name in a minute? Look at a clock, what time do you normally get up, eat breakfast, have lunch or get ready for bed?

Have a go at some of these activities to see how many you can do in a minute.


Mixing paint – Can explore what happens when you mix black and white paint together? Can you mix different shades of grey to paint an elephant with?

See if you can work out what colours would be created by mixing these colours together…


Can you find out some facts about elephants? Create a fact file for elephants.

You may want to try and draw an elephant of your own; then paint it.


As it is World Book Day tomorrow,  you might want to send me a picture of you and your favourite book. You might want to send me a video of you reading it!  If you’re feeling creative why not dress up as your favourite book character, or draw the character and decorate it.

I will be doing a Zoom session on Thursday at 1:30pm and I will read you one of my favourite books. I will send the link on Class Dojo.

Have a great Wednesday.

Mandy Turner


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