Panda Class Home Learning Wednesday 27th January

Welcome to Wednesday’s learning…

We are now in to our 4th week of Home Learning, phew… it’s not easy for anyone, so,

when being a home-educator please be kind to yourselves and others.

We are all unique, and have different strengths in so many different areas.  Go at a pace that works for you as a family.

Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken – Oscar Wilde

PhonicsAll Pandas  Ruth Miskin Live Lessons.  These seems to be going well – don’t forget to see where the gaps are before moving on to a new set.  Refer to the list of sounds sheet.

Thinking about Set 3 sounds… try this.

English – Year 1 Lesson (7) It has been so lovely to see the work that you are doing; it looks great.

In today’s lesson we look at how writers create mood. In this lesson, we will create our own ‘mood toolkit’ by reading as a writer.

English – Reception Lesson (5)  Noisy House – To tell a story independently.

In this lesson, we will learn how to tell a story independently through learning a nursery rhyme.

Maths – Year 1 Numbers within 50.

PP Spr1.5.4-Tens-and-ones

teaching slides Spr1.5.4-Tens-and-ones (1)

Work sheet Y1-Spring-Block-2-WO2-Tens-and-ones-2019

Maths – Reception The numbers 6,7 & 8.

numberblocks-find-the-real-octoblock-activity sheet

Enjoy the Story of Six Dinner Sid.

Geography – In this lesson, we are going to be virtually flying to Australia; the continent is also known as Oceania and Australasia. Today, we are learning more about this small continent.

Take the quiz and see what you have remembered and make a poster all about Australia; using words and pictures. The quiz can be found by clicking on to the green circles at the bottom of the introduction page.

Have a great day,

Mandy Turner


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