Panda Class Home Learning Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday 20th January

All Pandas

Phonics – Ruth Miskin Live Lessons for Set 1,2 & 3 schedule.

Carry on with your set’s schedule each day.

I have added a sheet with all of the sounds in each set.


Can you ask your child to tell you the sounds in the set they are working on.  If you point to each sound in turn, then ask them which sound it is.  If they know if securely, straight away then tick it off.  If they are not sure (which is fine) then you know these are the ones to focus on.  If you are on Set 3, you can access Mrs Suthers on YouTube, she has lessons which cover all of the sounds in that set. I will put a link to one of her lessons then that will guide you to the other sounds too. These are good as extra practice when the Ruth Miskin Live Lessons have been taken down.

English – Year 1 – Reception can choose this too if you would like to continue with The Magic Paint Brush. If not, follow the Reception work.

In this lesson (3), we will be deepening the understanding of a recount through role play.  Spellings within the video too.

English – Reception – In this lesson (1), we will learn how to listen to and respond to a story through games and nursery rhymes.  


Year 1 –  Addition and Subtraction. This work is for today and tomorrow.


Reception – In this lesson, we will be adding and using a number track to support counting on to ten.  

Geography – Looking at the features of the Polar regions.

Enjoy reading the book ‘Where Snowflakes Fall’. 

In this lesson (1) we learn where polar habitats are located on a world map and identify features of them. We also learn some ways that animals have adapted to be able to survive in such extreme conditions.

Challenge (this can be done at any time) – to build an igloo!  Your igloos don’t have to be exactly the same as on the video.  Use anything you have to hand. Some suggestions: Cotton wool balls, marshmallows, ice cubes or card board tubes cut into rings.

Have a lovely day

Mandy Turner

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