Panda Class Home Learning Tuesday 2nd March


I hope you are all well.

Phonics – Keep going you’re doing a great job!

Maths – Year 1 continue with your Mass booklet.

Reception – Try this home learning challenge.



English – All Pandas

We’ve had a letter Panda Class….


Dear Panda Class,


 I am the Evil Pea and I have been causing trouble with all of the other vegetables!  I’m going to rule the world and turn it green!


 I’ve heard you are trying to rescue the carrot, and set it free from the ice.  You will not be able to get the carrot out as I am the Evil Pea and I have frozen it solid!


 I am green and I am mean!


 From the Evil Pea!  

Don’t mess with me!

Today’s mission (or later in the week…) Panda Class is to set carrot free from the ice! And prove Evil Pea wrong! (Grown ups, if you didn’t manage to freeze a carrot in advance, or perhaps tape one down somewhere at home).

Create a plan of action – write notes to explain how you are going to free carrot.  How will you do it, what will you need? How will carrot be feeling? You could make a poster out of your plan.

Then, when you’ve set carrot free, write a letter back to the Evil Pea and tell him what you have managed to do! Explain that you have your own super powers; one of which is being helpful!

Good luck with your mission!

Enjoy this story about a Run away Pea! Its done through drama!

Have a lovely day.

Mandy Turner

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