Panda Class Home Learning Tuesday 19th January

Welcome to Tuesday’s learning.

All Pandas

Phonics – Ruth Miskin Live Lessons for Set 1,2 & 3.

Carry on with your set’s schedule each day.


This link is for the next few weeks of the ‘live lesson’ schedule.   


Yoga – Choose one of the wonderful stories.


English – Year 1 – Reception can choose this too if you would like to continue with The Magic Paint Brush. If not, follow the Reception work.

In this lesson (2), we will map, step and speak the story of the ‘The Magic Paintbrush’

English – Reception

Winter-Themed Phase 2 Say It, Join It, Write It Activity


Year 1 – Continue with yesterday’s work.  Addition and Subtraction.

Reception – Adding by counting on.

History – All Pandas

Watch the video about Christopher Columbus, then record 5 facts about him. 

This is the facts sheet.


If you have chance, and the weather is settled, why not go for a nature walk.  What can you hear, see, smell and touch?  Can you collect some things to use in artwork or other activities.

Have a lovely day, enjoyment is the key thing – if it gets fraught take a break and come back to it another time. Be kind to yourselves.

Mandy Turner


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