Panda Class Home Learning Thursday 7th January

Home Learning – Thursday 7th January 2021

Overviews of learning for Reception & Year 1 Spring 1 – This is what this half term will cover.

Reception Spring Topic Plan

Year 1 Spring Topic Plan


Continue with White Rose Maths Spring Week 1

Year 1 Also, use the maths sheet below to consolidate their learning.

Thursday 7th Jan Y1-Spring-Block-1-WO3-Add-by-making-10




Writing – Year 1  The Queen’s Hat by Steve Antony

First, either from the book or the on line You Tube story of the Queen’s Hat, show the image of the guards going in pursuit of the hat and ask your child to role play the chase.

Then, write for your child: The guards sprinted after the hat. Use this as an example and talk about how sprinted is a verb – an action word.

Finally, ask your child to write 2 or 3 sentences, changing the verb each time for how the guards went after the hat.  They need to write in full sentences with capital letters and full stops with good letter formation.

Writing – Reception  The children should practice writing their name as neatly as possible with good pencil control and good letter formation.

 Phonics – As per the daily schedule from Read Write Inc.

 Reading – Home books and continue with Ditty Sheets (from today)

Yoga – Time for some relaxation.  Follow Cosmic Kids on their adventures.

 Geography – Year 1  Children need to name and locate all 4 capital cities of the United Kingdom. Then discuss where the 4 capital cities are and mark them on the blank map.  Any other known places of interest could be marked on too. Have you been to any of the capital cities; what is similar or different about these locations? Will they have the same weather? How long would it take to get to them on the train or in the car? These last few ideas are just that, ideas, of things you can discuss, to bring relevance and enquiry into their work.

GeographyReception Can you talk about a sunny location and a cold location and then draw clothing suitable for both climates.  Ask why we need different clothes for different places. Is what they are made of different? What is the best thing for keeping us warm/cool?

UK Map A4


Just a quick reminder, any work that is done needs to go in to either the blue topic book from school (available in the reception entrance) or in a book from home.  Any additional work you do is great BUT perhaps if that could be done once the set work is complete.

Any queries please just ask.

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