Panda Class Home Learning Thursday 4th March

Hi Pandas

It’s World Book Day!!! – Is any one dressing up today as their favourite character from a book? Go for it! You may want to wear your pants on top of your clothes to match our story today!

I found this article really interesting ‘why we should turn on the subtitles’

Phonics – follow your schedule.

Reading – enjoy your books, especially on World Book Day.


Enjoy this book – Aliens Love Underpants!

There are more stories available on line too, if you wanted another one.

Then, thinking about your favourite alien, either from the book or one of your own, draw the alien and give it some colour; add lots of detail.  What will it look like? How many arms, legs, heads and other more unusual features will it have? Don’t forget a special pair of underpants will be needed!

Once you have created your alien, think about and write a full description of it. Rehearsing, out loud, what you want to write before you write it; say the sentence lots of times before you write, so that you know what you’re writing. Have a think about your letter formation and neatness; is it your best work?

Have a go at these home learning challenges.


Here is an activity for you to create your own book mark, for all of that wonderful reading.


If you still have any time left, how about having a go at some of these activities?


Reception – Here is a counting sheet, you may spot somethings from the story…


Year 1 – I have added some handwriting sheets of some of your spellings.  Try to do your neatest handwriting.


Have lots of fun with your favourite stories.

Have a great ‘book’ day.

Mandy Turner


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