Panda Class Home Learning Monday 11th January

Good Afternoon,

I hope you have had a good weekend and managed to make the most of the sunshine.

Here is the outline for Monday’s learning for Reception and Year 1.

RECEPTION Aim for small bursts of work through play and games, lasting for a few minutes at a time. Be guided by your child.

Maths – Composition of 4 and 5.

Watch/listen to the story of The Ugly 5 by Julia Donaldson.  Talk about the numbers of creatures.

Children will begin to recognise that numbers are made up of smaller numbers. Allow your child to investigate the number 5 and realise that it can be made in lots of different ways. For example, the number five could be made up of 1, 1,& 3. Or 3 and 2.  Or 1 and 4, even 5 and zero.

Encourage them to subitise (instantly recognise these small quantities without counting them). They will begin to notice that numbers are composed of 2 parts or more than 2 parts.

Activities: Use an empty ‘feely bag’, shoe your child that it is empty.  Together, count in 5 objects; pebbles or any other small items to hand. Take out some of the pebbles from the bag and ask your child how many you have taken out, count them together, placing them in a row.  Then ask how many could be left in the bag.  Repeat this lots of times.

Ask your child to draw a picture to show the results.

Don’t forget those challenging questions…  If I have 3 pebbles in my hand, how many will be in the bag? How do you know? Could I ever take out zero pebbles? If so, how many will be left?

A similar game could be played with 2 buckets and 5 pebbles.  Share the pebbles out between the buckets and discuss the possibilities in each bucket after all the pebbles have been shared out.

Phonics – Reception

This week we are working through Set 1 Read Write Inc sounds. Being able to say them when shown. Then we are learning to blend CVC words to read them. After that we are learning to write those words. Work through the sets below, starting with Set 1.  When they are secure, progress to Set 2.

Use these links to practise the sounds at your own pace, ideally you will complete 1 new sound per day. Tricky words video. Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out and blended.

Blending video for reading and writing CVC words.  (Consonant, vowel, consonant) Please pause the video as much as is needed – sound out the words and ask your child to repeat it – have a go at writing them too.  Encourage your child to become independent when sounding and blending the words.

Sounding out is saying the pure sound clearly (t-a-p) not (tuh-a-puh ). Then blending is merging those sounds to form the word.

Keep a record of how your child is getting on.  Please can you send a video of progress or a note on Class Dojo to say how they are getting on.  This is a great website to have a look at.

Reading – Regular reading every day, even if it is for just 5 minutes. Oxford Reading are offering free online e-books, using the banded colours we use in school.

Speaking and Listening Activity



Phonics – Work through the list of sounds on the Read Write Inc sheet given last week. Let me know if you need another one.  As you are all working on different areas I don’t want to specify which sounds to cover.  Please let me know if you are not sure. There is a really good person on You Tube who does each of the RWI sounds. She is Mrs Suthers and her videos are well paced and  a good starting point.

Spellings – Lesson 1 Key Stage 1 Spellings (Also from Mrs Suthers)

a, I, put & ask

Again, there are other lessons so go at a pace which suits you – achieving at least 1 set per week.

Reading – Regular reading every day, even if it is for just 10 minutes. Oxford Reading are offering free online e-books, using the banded colours we use in school.

Maths – This week we are learning to subtract.



History & English

YEAR 1   &  RECEPTION could do this as well if you want to.

In our topic work we are learning about the life of Christopher Columbus.  In the beginning we will be thinking about who he was, what he did and where he went. He was an explorer…

What do you think an explorer would be like?  What qualities would they have? Would they need to have certain skills or knowledge to be an explorer?

So, your first job is to draw an explorer – go for it, it’s up to you, whatever you think they’ll look like.

Then, YEAR 1, write (using neat writing, capitals and full stops) sentences to tell me:

  1. What does an explorer look like?
  2. What will they be like as a person? Brave, strong, courageous?
  3. Can anyone be an explorer?
  4. How old do you have to be to be an explorer?
  5. Would you make a good explorer? If so, why?

 Can you find any facts about Christopher Columbus?

I am aware that some people cannot access a printer, so I will place some photocopies of the YEAR 1 maths work for the week ahead in the reception area. If you live a distance away from the school, making it difficult to get in, and you do not have access to a printer then, I will see if I can post them to you. Please let me know if you are in this position.  Other areas are easier to make home-made resources to match what we are doing but maths is a bit more tricky.

Mrs William’s is doing a whole school Zoom worship at 9AM on Monday morning, 11th of January. I will share the link on Class Dojo.

I will send a note on Class Dojo about other bits and pieces for the week ahead.

Please contact me if, you cannot access Class Dojo or for any area you need clarification or support.

Best wishes

Mandy Turner




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