Nursery timings and safeguarding

We have had a couple of questions from parents about the nursery. Myself, Jodie, sunrise staff and the school admin have met to discuss this. In this instance, we don’t need to change any of our procedures, but we feel that a reminder to clarify the timings and our rationale would be helpful to keep things running smoothly.

Nursery opens at 8:55am. Jodie and Fran will open the blinds and the door at this time. Nursery children from sunrise will also be taken over from the main school. Nursery can only be open for a set amount of time each week, so if we open any earlier, we would have to finish earlier.

Siblings in the main school – The main school gate opens at 8:45 but if you have a child coming to nursery as well, it is ok to bring them all at 8:55 to save waiting in the elements for 10 mins on cold or rainy days. We are sorry but we cannot allow parents to wait in the nursery entrance or in the main school for safeguarding reasons. Any parents on site need to be signed in and this would not be feasible.

Toilets – due to the age of the children, it is inevitable that occasionally a little one will need to access a toilet quickly. Staff cannot let you into the main nursery before 8:55, but you will be able to use the staff toilet if it is an emergency. Please try to ensure your children have been before you set off for school to reduce the need for this as much as possible.

If you are let into the staff toilet in the nursery entrance, please do not hold the door open or let any other parents into this waiting area. This rule applies to all times of the day for both school and nursery and we appreciate your co-operation with this. We have to know who is on site to keep the children safe, and to keep you safe and accounted for should there be a fire.

Thank-you very much for your support.



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