Number Day

Today, children took part in Number Day.

All the children were placed in their sport’s day houses for the day and rotated around four different maths related activities in each class.

In Panda Class, children learnt how to complete Sudoku puzzles using colour and shapes to help their understanding, while in Tiger Class they played bingo and used the laptops to access x tables rock stars to work on their x tables. In Rhino class, they played board games to work on their number skills and calculations and in Jaguar Class, children played games including a musical chairs style fitness activity involving number as well as calculation games using positive and negative numbers.

It was a great day and it was so nice to see our older children being able to support and encourage our younger children. We would definitely like to do something like this again. Thank you to all staff and teaching assistants for helping to organise such a successful day.

Thank you also to all parents for helping the children dress so creatively. I think the children have had a great day!


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By Mr P Glover

Designated Safeguarding Lead & Staff Release Time Teacher