News from Panda Class 17th March 2020

Hello Panda Parents/Carers,

I just wanted to share with you some good web sites that offer educational activities for children – should they be needed.

At this age children’s attention span is going to be short – as a rule of thumb: their own age (so 5 minutes if a child is five, and so on), plus or minus 3 minutes. So, not long at all.

Some museums are also offering a virtual tour of the museum too.

Children learn such a lot through play which doesn’t take as much concentration. So whilst web sites are good play situations are really helpful too. For example, you might play a  board game – rolling the dice and recognising the number pattern, taking turns, reading captions etc., are all good ways of learning through play. Baking, reading, colouring, card making, letter writing (to grandma who might be isolated), weaving, model making – the list is endless.

If you go online and there is often a choice of age groups – we are EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage).

Recently we have been looking at space and the planets – comparing size, colour and characteristics of the planets. Writing their names and the descriptions we noticed. We have been writing a list of what we would take to space in our rocket. We have enjoyed the story Whatever Next! too.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes

Mandy Turner

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