Learning From Home – Y5&6 Jaguar class – Tuesday 9th February 2021

Good morning Y5&6

Here’s the ‘Review of the Day’ from yesterday. I hope you like some of the ‘Inuit’ craft that the children in class enjoyed making.

Review of the day – Monday 8th February 2021

I shall see you this morning for the Zoom meeting at 9:15. Here’s the link……
Meeting ID: 929 5015 9489
Passcode: dfx4hj


Here’s today’s learning from home:-
English – English Lesson – Tuesday 9th February 2021 – Children at home

So far in your biography, this is what you should’ve produced so far…

*Early Life / School life
*Jobs before expeditions / Expeditions (including any family life during this time)

Today, you are going to be completing the final part of your biography. What else happened to explorer before the end of their life? Did they marry and have a family? How did their life end?

How are you going to end your biography to conclude it for the reader?


Maths – Y5s – Y5 Maths – Tuesday 9.2.21 – Children at home

Esme, Sophie, Sam and Ollie – Questions 1, 2, 3 and 4
Y5 Maths – Adding fractions activity
Ariana, Alex, Alfie, Lilly and Maisie – Questions 5, 6, 7 and 8
Y5 Maths – Adding fractions activity
Dylan, Blake and Cass – Questions 9, 10, 11 and 12
Y5 Maths – Adding fractions activity


Maths – Y6s – Continuation of ‘My Mini Maths – Number 10 – Calculations / FDP
Y6 Maths – Tuesday 9.2.21 – Children at home


Reading – Y5s – Read your own book. The Y5s in class are reading a non-fiction book about the Arctic / Antarctic.

Reading – Y6s – PAGES 1, 2 and 3 (Including the two questions)

Y6 Reading – Tuesday 9th February 

Topic – Frozen Planet – Continue your ‘Double page spread‘ about the Inuits, who we were learning about yesterday. Here’s the powerpoint from yesterday that you may wish to use to help you.

Topic – Lesson 5 – The Inuit People


Have a good day. Work hard, stay focused and TAKE YOUR TIME! It’s not a rush to complete any task.

Mr Hughes

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