We are working hard to keep our pupils learning and safe during the current pandemic. Help us by being aware of the latest guidance.

COVID-19 Latest Updates

Important Information – possible school closure

Dear parents and carers,
I do not want to wait until the PM’s announcement at 8pm tonight before giving you an idea of what will be in place IF we are asked to close our schools. The information below is to help you prepare. Please do not act upon it if we remain open!
Children of Critical Workers in School
We have been asked to prioritise which children come into school during lockdown, as the purpose is to have as few in school as possible. Therefore, please let us know by  tomorrow whether you fit into category 1, where you will automatically be allocated a place. Or Category 2, where we will consider numbers and family circumstances and reserve the right not to offer you a place.
If you are applying for a place on the grounds of category 1A. then please attach proof of your occupations with your request email.  A list of category 1A jobs can be found on the DFE https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-maintaining-educational-provision/guidance-for-schools-colleges-and-local-authorities-on-maintaining-educational-provision
Email the admin address as soon as possible so that we have an idea of numbers.
Category 1:
a)Both parents are Critical Workers for Covid response or EU Transition
b)Vulnerable children
c)Children in care
d)Children with an EHCP
Category 2:
One parent a Critical worker and one parent a key worker
One or both parents key workers, but not covid response
Parent in hospital
Even if you fall into the eligibility for a critical worker’s place, you may still prefer to keep your child at home, and if you are able to do that safely, then we advise it.
Your child’s teacher has had VERY limited time to process this new lockdown and prepare, but work will be provided on the school website class page under the section HOMELEARNING. They may also use Dojo to send you copies of worksheets or photographs of the whiteboard. As the week goes on, we will bring in some face to face teaching. From Wednesday, you will be sent a link to a morning Zoom so your child can register with their class and be told what is expected of them during the day. They will also be expected to join Worship via zoom, and as the week goes on, some other lessons or feedback zooms with their teacher.  There will be more information once we know what is going to happen.

Mrs Clare Williams