Updated arrival and collection times

Changes to staggered drop off and collection times

Effective from Thursday 3.9.2020

Thank you so much for all your patience and consideration on our first day back. We monitored the time it took for each class to get inside and the volume of adults using the playground one way system. We are now able to make some amendments to our planned timings which we hope will make things even quicker and easier for you.


We would like to trial opening the gates for panda, tiger, rhino and jaguar classes between 8:40-9:00 as we feel that it would give you the opportunity to be flexible and create a natural staggering of children. We noted that as no jaguar parents and very few rhino parents needed to come into the school grounds, it made social distancing much easier.

Nursery: the children can’t come into nursery as early as the rest of the school but it will be open at 8:55 onward for you.


Again, due to the children being so swift we can condense the release times from each class slightly.

Nursery: 2:50 – 3:00

Panda: 2:55 – 3:00

Tiger: 3:00

Rhino: 3:05

Jaguar: 3:10

In order for this to work and to minimise the mixing of bubbles and adults, we would ask you to leave swiftly with your children and adhere to the one way system. There is a lot of space in the playground to enable people to pass each other or wait for a sibling without compromising social distancing.

Thank you for your support. We will continue to regularly review and update our Covid safety measures in the best interests of our children, families and staff.




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