Tiger Class – Thursday 21st January

Thursday is Music day! And Zoom catch-up day!

We will have a Zoom catch-up at 2pm on Thursday 21st January. Details on how to join will be send via Class Dojo, so we can keep it private.


  • Maths – Multiplication and Division

Video lesson: Sharing and grouping activity

Worksheets: SAME AS YESTERDAY’S: Y2-Spring-Block-1-WO2-Make-equal-groups-grouping-2019-1 (number 6 only, left from yesterday’s lesson)


  • Maths – Multiplication and Division – End of unit revision task. There is no video lesson today, as it’s time for the children to complete the revision task, prior to doing an end-of-unit assessment tomorrow. If children struggle with any of the work, they can revisit the relevant video lesson from the past two weeks.

Worksheet: Y3-HL-Spring-Block-1-Multiplication-and-division-2-2020

All Tigers

Last Summer, during the first lockdown, we have completed a Space weekly project, aimed at KS1. There is also a project aimed at Lower KS2 (Years 3 and 4), which some of you might enjoy: Y3_4-Learning-Project-SPACE

These activities can be complete throughout this half-term / lockdown.

For those who missed the KS1 Space project the first time around, there are more suitable activities for Year 2 in that one: KS1-Learning-Project-SPACE

This week is also Space week on Cbeebies. Please see below the schedule for especially produced shows:

Weekly assignments for Maths Shed and Spelling Shed have been updated today: www.edshed.com

Spelling Shed Scheme Stage 2 Lesson 16 – Adding -er to words ending in y. The y is changed to an i – Lesson 16

Spelling Shed Curriculum Stage 3 Lesson 16 – Adding the suffix ly. Adding the ly suffix to an adjective turns it into an adverb – Lesson 16

Don’t forget to read everyday. If you need other books at the relevant level, please send me a message, or access a variety of e-books on the Oxford Owl e-book library. Please have a look at our main Class page for many other free resources you might find useful.

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