Sports Day results for Years 2 & Year 3 morning activities

Thanks to all parents who attended our Sports Day!

You would have seen the results of the afternoon races already but I just thought I would let you know the winners of the morning events too.

Chest ball push
Y2 girls: Freya, Evelyn & Indi + Aria (joint third place)
Y2 boys: Owen, William Pashley + Will Penney (joint second place) & Felix + Oliver (joint third place)
Y3 girls: Rose, Grace & Mia
Y3 boys: William D. + Freddie (joint first place), Blake & Dylan

Y2 girls: Freya, Aria & Matilda
Y2 boys: Charlie, Oliver & Harry + Felix (joint third place)
Y3 girls: Eve + Mia (joint first place), Ruby + Grace (joint second place) & Rose
Y3 boys: William D., Caspar & Dylan

Standing long jump
Y2 girls: Aria, Evelyn + Matilda + Grace (joint second place) & Freya
Y2 boys: Oliver, Owen + Alfie (joint second place) & Charlie + Will Penney (joint third place)
Y3 girls: Mia, Eve & Grace
Y3 boys: William D., Ewan + Dylan + Bertie (joint second place) & Caspar

Speed Bounce
Y2 girls: Matilda, Aria & Ivy
Y2 boys: Sebastian, Felix + Oliver + Alfie (joint second place) & Charlie
Y3 girls: Mia, Olivia & Grace
Y3 boys: Berie, Dylan & William D.

Y2 girls: Indi, Aria + Matilda (joint second place) & Freya
Y2 boys: Oliver, Alfie + Owen (joint second place) & Felix, Charlie, William Pashley (joint third place)
Y3 girls: Eve + Rose (joint first place), Ruby + Mia (joint second place) & Grace
Y3 boys: William D., Caspar & Ewan + Bertie (joint third place)

Y2 girls: Aria + Matilda (joint first place), Evelyn & Grace
Y2 boys: Harry, Felix + Oliver + Charlie (joint second place) & Sebastian + Owen (joint third place)
Y3 girls: Grace, Eve, Rose
Y3 boys: Bertie, Blake + Caspar (joint second place) & Bertie

Long distance run
Y2 girls: Aria, Freya & Grace
Y2 boys: Sebastian, Oliver & Owen
Y3 girls: Mia, Olivia & Ruby
Y3 boys: William D., Bertie & Dylan

Y2 girls: Aria, Matilda & Evelyn
Y2 boys: William Pashley + Owen (joint first place), Harry + Sebastian (joint second place), & Charlie + Oliver (joint third place
Y3 girls: Mia, Olivia & Eve
Y3 boys: William D., Caspar & Bertie

They were very busy all morning! 🙂

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