Rhino Daily Challenge – Writing/Design

Watch the animation below….

It’s a great little animation and fun to watch, but there are a number of tasks that you can complete related to it.

Challenge: How many of these can you complete today and during this week at home?

  • Write a story – What happens next?
  • Write a diary entry from the point of view of the alien, you can even make up your own name for him.
  • Write a letter of complaint to Levitation International
  • Write a set of instructions for how to use a Hoverbike properly
  • Create an information booklet for a Hoverbike. What is good about? How does it work? Why does it need to hover?
  • Design an advert for a Hoverbike. Why should you buy one?
  • Design and label your own futuristic vehicle (This could be on paper or powerpoint)

Can you think of another activity inspired by this video. Maybe we can challenge others to do the same?

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