Highlights from Home Y5&6 – Thursday 23rd April 2020

Yet again, another beautiful day outside, so hopefully you all got a chance to experience the outdoor life. Hopefully, the children enjoyed learning about their chosen sports person and turning their notes into the start of a biography today. It’s been great to read the examples that have been created so far. It looks like many of the children enjoyed making their hummus (even though they may not have liked the taste!). For those who chose the phoenix’s eye, it may get frustrating along the way, but it’s worth it in the end.

Thanks to our star spellers today, we’ve now climbed into 7th place in the world!
1. Class 4F, St Helen’s Catholic Primary School, England 612,861,455
2. 3FE, Pennine Way Primary School, England 576,797,965
3. Year 2 Mrs Styles Phonics, Paget Primary School, England 570,567,338
4. 2S, Paget Primary School, England 547,564,148
5. New Group – 4F & 4G, St Helen’s Catholic Primary School, England 525,415,151
6. 1D, Gems Wellington International School, United Arab Emirates 514,439,586
7. Year 5 & 6 Myddle, Harris Gough Federation, England 479,311,441
Nelly has started her own ‘story channel’ – Reading with Nelly. Here’s today’s edition.
And then, after all of her hard work this morning, she enjoyed some ‘down time’ with the dogs in the garden.
Here’s the rest of the highlights from today’s learning at home. I hope you enjoy it and gain inspiration from all the effort that these children/parents have been putting in at home. I certainly have!
Thursday’s 23.4.20 Highlights from Home Y5&6
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