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Snow Leopards

Good Morning Snow Leopards.
We are very excited to be hopefully seeing you all again very soon!


This week’s agenda for nursery:
We have been kindly donated a Puppet Show. We will be designing and making our own puppets using socks, googly eyes, craft pieces, templates (links below) and paint.
Once made and dried the children will create stories and perform at the Puppet Show!

Maybe you could join in at home! We would love to see your creations.

Find a space around your house – over the arm of the chair, the table, the worktop or if you are feeling creative you could make your own theatre out of a cupboard box! Anywhere you could hide behind to perform your puppet show will be perfect.
Please feel free to record your show and upload them onto Dojo. We would love to see what you have come up with!

We watched a short clip on puppet shows on the whiteboard to give the children an idea of what a puppet show really is. I have added the links below.

On the topic of socks we have linked this to maths – matching the odd socks, counting the socks and attempting simple number problems.
– Can you match up the socks?
– Can you count the pairs?
– Can you count them individually?
– Are there any odd socks?
– Can you hang them on a washing line? (fine motor skills)
– Can you work out simple number problems?

Story time: Simon Sock
(The story can be found on YouTube)

I am always available on Dojo if you have any queries or questions
Take care

Jodie Phillips

Snow Leopards

Hello Snow Leopards.
Hope you are all well and keeping busy!

I have, again gathered together some resources/activities that may keep you busy during these unusual times.

The Wright Way Group have started exercise sessions that will encourage our little Snow Leopards to get up and active! This clip is one of our nursery favourites…The Gruffalo!
Be sure to check out their YouTube page for more fun active stories sessions!

Name Recognition Activity Mat
This worksheet is for you to edit to help your children form the letters in their name. Laminating this sheet is a good option as then it is reusable.

This homemade playdough recipe is perfect to keep the children entertained! The link below the recipe are activity mats – again these would work well laminated.

Winter Maths Challenge Cards
These are very popular games in nursery, brilliant for counting and number recognition.

Also remember our set 1 sounds for phonics and the short e-Book stories. All the information and guidance can be found using the link below

If you have any questions or need any more ideas, activities or stationary please do not hesitate to ask and I will do my best to assist you.

Lastly, remember to send us photos and updates on Dojo, we loved to see them!

Take care,

Snow Leopards

Good morning Snow Leopards. I hope you are well.

This week we have lots of exciting things planned. I hope you will join us at home.

Cooking ~ We will be making cupcakes (appropriate COVID guidance,1 household per bake) We are making a Victoria Sponge. Talking to the children about measuring and quantities. They will help to pour, mix and scoop the ingredients into their cupcake case.
We will be setting a timer for the children to keep an eye on, allowing them to become more aware of lengths of time.

Planting ~ Our spider plants in nursery have sprouted little plants so we have placed each in their own pot. We will be watching a short clip about the growth of plants.
We are encouraging each child to tend to their own plant, ensuring it is getting plenty of sunshine and water.
The children can also learn some Makaton signs relating to gardening.

Dingle Dangle Scarecrow ~ A short, enjoyable song for the children to join in and dance too!

PE ~ We will be taking part in a short session. We will start by warming up our bodies (Sticky Kids on youtube), then play ‘Walk the Plank’ – Apply masking tape to the floor in a long straight line or draw a line using chalk outside. Encourage the children to walk carefully along the line ensuring they don’t wobble off!
You can make the activity more challenging by balancing a beanbag or cushion on their head. If this is still too easy experiment with different ways of moving; hopping, skipping, sidesteps or walking backwards – but remember… don’t fall off!

Remember to continue short phonics activities with your child.
Only practice set 1 sounds, there are videos to help you and lots of resources for your children to enjoy.

I hope you enjoy these activities. Please take photos and add them to Dojo for us to see all of your hard work!

Stay safe
Jodie Phillips

Threadworm (Pinworms)

We have been made aware of a case of threadworm in Nursery.

Whilst there is no exclusion period for this infection, it does require treatment.

Please find attached the NHS guidance on this condition and please ensure you check your child accordingly.


Virtual Nursery and Reception Open Afternoon

Dear Parents/Carers

We are holding our annual open afternoon virtually this year on Friday 27th November 2020.

This virtual event will give us the opportunity to introduce the fantastic facilities we have in the Nursery and Reception classes to any new families looking for a place for their child.

If you would like to make an appointment or know of anyone who may be interested in finding out about the Nursery and Reception facilities please give school a ring on 01939 290834.

Miss Phillips & Mrs Smith

Snow Leopards Reminder

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please you can ensure that your child comes to nursery with a small bag, this must include everything that your child may need during the day: spare clothes, nappies, wipes and suitable clothing for outdoor play.

If you have any questions regarding this please do not hesitate to give me a ring on 01939 290268

Thank you
Jodie Phillips

Snow Leopards

Hello Snow Leopards, I hope you all had an enjoyable Summer.

We have been busy in nursery getting it all ready for your return. Myself and Fran are very excited, we hope you are too!

We will be unable to invite parents into the nursery setting, so drop off and collection with take place in the playground where parents will enter through the main school gate and exit through the nursery gate. This one way system is to limit contact with other parents.

Our drop off time is 9:15am and collection is 2:45pm
(Please refer to the older post with regards to drop off and collections, if you have any queries)

Please only send your child to nursery with the essentials that they may need in their bag (spare clothes, nappies, wipes, coats) please provide your child with a water bottle so your child has access to a drink throughout the day.
No toys from home are allowed to be brought into the setting.

School lunches:
Grab and Go bags will be available to order, unfortunately at the moment we are unable to provide hot lunches. Payments are preferred through our online system, though we do also accept cash in a named sealed envelope. You can also still provide a pack lunch for your children to bring into nursery.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Joining nursery – September 2020

Starting nursery is a very exciting time. I want to do my very best to ensure that children learn and grow, they feel happy and are supported along their learning journey. As we know starting nursery can be an overwhelming and daunting time for children and parents, particularly this year due to COVID-19. So I wish to ensure a positive and smooth transition as your child starts at our nursery.

You can read all the relevant information on our website, through the link ‘Joining’ then click ‘Nursery’. This information will help prepare you and your child for their start with us at Myddle nursery in September.

If you require any extra information or you wish to speak to me directly about registering your child, please feel free to e-mail through to or call on 01939 290268. I will be available daily until 12pm except Wednesdays as school is closed.

I look forward to hearing from you

Jodie Phillips (Nursery Leader)

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