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Rhino Class put the ‘Power’ into PowerPoint

This week the pupils in Rhino class have be learning how to use PowerPoint to record their learning. They have been learning how to use the programme to showcase what they have learnt about the Romans including details from their recent trip to Chester.

Today we learnt how to:

Open, save, create new slides, alter the theme, import pictures and change font types.

All pupils are excited to continue next week.

Anti-bullying at school

This week the children of the school participated in an interactive Anti-bullying assembly to learn how to combat and spot bullying behaviours both in and out of school.

Following this, pupils from Rhino Class took part in a workshop which included role play and practical activities. The children were awarded certificates for their efforts.

Well done everyone.

Roman Rhinos in Chester

Rhino class had a fantastic day in Chester furthering their studies of the Romans. As well as acquiring new knowledge, they were also able to showcase lots of their learning within sessions. The staff were particularly impressed by how much they have already learnt.

The Behaviour of all children was an absolute credit to the school which made me incredibly proud. Well done Rhino class.

Marvellous Mathematicians

This week, pupils in Rhino class have been developing strategies to calculate mentally including: bonds to 10 and add to the ones, doubles or halves and subtracting 9 by taking 10 and adding 1. After exploring and refining these techniques, pupils looked at a range of different calculations in order to apply what they had learnt. Working in their learning partners they were able to select the quickest method for each calculation. The pupils will be using these strategies again next week when, as a class, we look at problem solving.

Guided Reading in Rhino Class

Today pupils in Rhino class became text detectives. They had to find and retrieve information to help them answer questions about Roman housing.

After reading the text together, the children used colours to help highlight key information related to each question. This made answering the each question much easier. It also showed the children how important it is to keep referring back to the text.

Rhino Class Writing

This week, Rhino class completed their Hot Write. This involved the children completing an extended piece of writing in the form of a diary entry.

They had to plan and write a diary entry from the perspective of a Roman soldier. As it was linked in to our class topic, the children were able to use their historical knowledge and use vocabulary they have learnt.

They all worked so hard and I have been very pleased with the work they have produced.

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