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Weather around the world…

Today, pupils have been learning about climatic regions and how these impact on the weather in different parts of the world. They learnt about the location of the Equator and plotted the different climatic regions on a world map. They all worked very hard and very neatly. Well done Rhino Class.

Hot Writing in Rhino Class

This week, Rhino class have been completing their Hot Writes. This is when pupils showcase their learning at the end of topic. Once finished, it can then be compared to the Cold Write they completed at the start of the topic to see how much progress they have made in their writing. The children have all worked really hard.

Rhino Cave Paintings

This term, the children have been learning how to draw animals and people in detail. They have been learning planning and sketching techniques to ensure their drawings are accurate and in proportion.

The final part of their learning was to plan, design and create a cave painting. They used charcoal and sand paper to create a realistic end result.

I’m sure you’ll agree, they look great. Well done Rhino class and a huge thank you to Mrs Harris for her excellent art teaching.

Rhino Eco Champions

Today our Eco Champions conducted an Eco review with Rhino Class to see how green we currently are and to help us think of ways in which we can become more environmentally friendly.

Research and Booklet Making

This week, pupils in Rhino Class have been learning about the prehistoric settlement of Skara Brae.

Click on the link below to look at a presentation all about Skara Brae:

Skara Brae Stone Age Information Powerpoint

They have watched videos and read information texts to find out about: when it was made, how it was discovered and what we now know about the people who lived there. To display what they learnt, pupils have made information booklets of their own.

They have worked hard and have really enjoyed conducting their research.


Mirror, mirror….

This week in science the children in Rhino Class investigated the reflections.

They were set a number of challenges to complete, each using a mirror to create reflections.

They had to write a secret mirror message, complete a mirror maze and generate multiple reflections using a hinged mirror. The children were really surprised when what seemed to be so simple at first, turned out to be really difficult. The children great fun and certainly improved their level of concentration.


Stone Age Research

Today, Rhino class carried out some research to find out how people during the Stone Age period hunted.

The children were not allowed to use the internet so they had to use some information texts instead. This was great, as the children now know how to use a contents, an index and a glossary.

The children used the information they gathered to create information pages and booklets of their own.

Great learning everyone!

Sunshine and Shadows

Today in science, Rhino class investigated shadows.

We carried an experiment to see how we could make a shadow move using a torch. We placed a glue stick in a central position and observed how the torch needed to be moved in order to make the shadow meet specific lines which surrounded the central point. At times this wasn’t what the children thought, so some good learning took place.

We also looked at our own shadows that we create in the sunshine. We even measured how much a shadow moved and changed shape during the afternoon.

Great fun was had by all.

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