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URGENT – Covid action

Dear all parents/carers of pupils in Jaguar Class,

Sorry to have to contact you during the summer holidays, but this is a means of sharing with you the most up to date information we have in regards to a Covid outbreak in Jaguar Class.

We have today had confirmation of 3 positive cases of covid from PCR tests from individuals in Jaguar class. Last contact with the individuals, as far as we know, was Friday 16th July, so public health England have contacted the school advicing all members of Jaguar class to isolate for 10 days with 16th July being day 0.

During this time, please monitor your child for symptoms, especially a sore throat and high temperature. Regular lateral flow testing is also recommended to catch any infection early. If there is a positive result on a lateral flow test, this must then be followed by a Pcr test to confirm. Test centres are much quicker as there are currently delays in the postal service. There is also the possibility that your child maybe asymptomatic and therefore a lateral flow test would not show this as a positive result. The test only detects covid in the early stages. Our best advice is to phone NHS 111 if you are concerned.

As the guidance for schools changed from 19th July, we are as yet unsure how and if we will be contacted by track and trace or if we will receive further information from public health England. So at this stage, we can only share the information we have been informed of so far and give advise in line with how pupils would isolate if their bubble was to close.

We are so saddened by this news and it is certainly not the start to the summer anyone wished for.

Please take care everyone and stay safe. If we receive any further information we will you email you all immediately.


Mrs Williams & Mr Glover

Yr 6 Pupils ONLY

On Thursday, 15th July, Mrs Russell will be making our leavers feel super special. They will have their own lunch table for their Big Breakfast dinner, she will be providing squash and she will be adding her special touch to their pudding!!

Also don’t forget to return your child’s menu choice and money for Friday’s Fish and Chips. We need their choices by Wednesday, 14th July.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Y6 Love 2 Stay day out

A great time was had by all off the Y6s at Love 2 Stay today. They took part in raft building, paddle boarding, kayaking, tie dying and orienteering, having great fun. They all were excellent representatives of the school and showed a kind, caring nature to each other. Here are some of the images of the day…….







Y6 Bikeability

Congratulations to the children in Year 6 who took part in the Bikeability programme this week. They gathered some important information about how to stay safe using the roads and enjoyed learning from the expertise of the instructors who were taking the group.

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