Panda Class Home Learning Friday 5th March

Hi Pandas,


it’s the last day of Home Learning!  Hooray!!!

You have all done so well, you should feel very proud of yourselves for all of your hard work!  A huge thank you to all of the grown ups too that have had such an enormous task to make it all happen.

We are all set for next week, to welcome you back; with lots of fun activities.

For today, Friday – use this day to catch up or take it easy.

Don’t forget to do some yoga with Cosmic Kids, or PE with Mr Wright or Joe Wickes.

Enjoy more great stories. You could try making up and writing a story of your own.  Think about some amazing characters; do they have any super powers? What do they look like?

Here’s one of my favourites.

You could plan a teddy bear’s picnic and plan a menu.

What would you make them to eat?  You could draw your picnic food on a plate and label it.


Why not colour by numbers


Or a crossword…


Or if you want a real challenge a Teddy Bears Picnic Sudoku!


Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Remember for next week, winter uniform please, as we have to have the windows and doors open for ventilation. Jumpers and cardigans will be needed too and a winters coat. Come in your PE kits (with gloves and hats if it’s cold) on a Wednesday and Friday.

Best wishes

Mandy Turner





Panda Class Home Learning Thursday 4th March

Hi Pandas

It’s World Book Day!!! – Is any one dressing up today as their favourite character from a book? Go for it! You may want to wear your pants on top of your clothes to match our story today!

I found this article really interesting ‘why we should turn on the subtitles’

Phonics – follow your schedule.

Reading – enjoy your books, especially on World Book Day.


Enjoy this book – Aliens Love Underpants!

There are more stories available on line too, if you wanted another one.

Then, thinking about your favourite alien, either from the book or one of your own, draw the alien and give it some colour; add lots of detail.  What will it look like? How many arms, legs, heads and other more unusual features will it have? Don’t forget a special pair of underpants will be needed!

Once you have created your alien, think about and write a full description of it. Rehearsing, out loud, what you want to write before you write it; say the sentence lots of times before you write, so that you know what you’re writing. Have a think about your letter formation and neatness; is it your best work?

Have a go at these home learning challenges.


Here is an activity for you to create your own book mark, for all of that wonderful reading.


If you still have any time left, how about having a go at some of these activities?


Reception – Here is a counting sheet, you may spot somethings from the story…


Year 1 – I have added some handwriting sheets of some of your spellings.  Try to do your neatest handwriting.


Have lots of fun with your favourite stories.

Have a great ‘book’ day.

Mandy Turner


Panda Class Home Learning Wednesday 3rd March

Hi Pandas,

I hope you are having a good week.

Not long now until 8th March… I’m counting down the days!! I can’t wait to see you all.

Continue with Phonics as per the schedule.

Continue reading and enjoying those amazing books!

PE  With Joe Wicks or our own Mr Wright with TWWG ‘Move’ sessions on YouTube.

English  – All Pandas  Enjoy the story of Peace at Last by Jill Murphy.


After listening to the story encourage your child to say which parts of the story were their favourite parts and why they like them.  What happened to Mr Large? What was the problem? What were the noises?

Can you create a story map showing the different events that happen as Mr Large tries to get away from the noise to get some sleep.


I would choose Story Map B, from the one in the link.  Add the details from the story into the right areas, thinking carefully about what happened.

Encourage your child to retell the story from their story map – perhaps ‘reading’ it to a younger brother or sister or a favourite teddy.

Maths – All Pandas  (Year one,  continue with your Measures booklet, then have a go at these activities).Try estimating how long a minute lasts for.  Can you count to 60, does it take a minute?

What can you do in a minute? How many times can you write your name in a minute? Look at a clock, what time do you normally get up, eat breakfast, have lunch or get ready for bed?

Have a go at some of these activities to see how many you can do in a minute.


Mixing paint – Can explore what happens when you mix black and white paint together? Can you mix different shades of grey to paint an elephant with?

See if you can work out what colours would be created by mixing these colours together…


Can you find out some facts about elephants? Create a fact file for elephants.

You may want to try and draw an elephant of your own; then paint it.


As it is World Book Day tomorrow,  you might want to send me a picture of you and your favourite book. You might want to send me a video of you reading it!  If you’re feeling creative why not dress up as your favourite book character, or draw the character and decorate it.

I will be doing a Zoom session on Thursday at 1:30pm and I will read you one of my favourite books. I will send the link on Class Dojo.

Have a great Wednesday.

Mandy Turner


Panda Class Home Learning Tuesday 2nd March


I hope you are all well.

Phonics – Keep going you’re doing a great job!

Maths – Year 1 continue with your Mass booklet.

Reception – Try this home learning challenge.



English – All Pandas

We’ve had a letter Panda Class….


Dear Panda Class,


 I am the Evil Pea and I have been causing trouble with all of the other vegetables!  I’m going to rule the world and turn it green!


 I’ve heard you are trying to rescue the carrot, and set it free from the ice.  You will not be able to get the carrot out as I am the Evil Pea and I have frozen it solid!


 I am green and I am mean!


 From the Evil Pea!  

Don’t mess with me!

Today’s mission (or later in the week…) Panda Class is to set carrot free from the ice! And prove Evil Pea wrong! (Grown ups, if you didn’t manage to freeze a carrot in advance, or perhaps tape one down somewhere at home).

Create a plan of action – write notes to explain how you are going to free carrot.  How will you do it, what will you need? How will carrot be feeling? You could make a poster out of your plan.

Then, when you’ve set carrot free, write a letter back to the Evil Pea and tell him what you have managed to do! Explain that you have your own super powers; one of which is being helpful!

Good luck with your mission!

Enjoy this story about a Run away Pea! Its done through drama!

Have a lovely day.

Mandy Turner

Panda Class Home Learning Monday 1st March

Hi Pandas,

March already…where did February go?

The plan for today

Worship via Zoom, with Mrs Williams – link as before on Class Dojo.

Phonics – as per the Ruth Miskin Live Lessons schedule.

Reading – Lots of reading…

MathsYear 1 Mass and Measures Home Learning Booklet.

Work through your booklet this week, practically where possible, and go at your own pace.

Mass and measures home booklet year 1

Reception – Looking at measuring and comparing weight/mass. If possible try and work practically with items around the home.


English – All Pandas. As this week sees the return of World Book Day, I thought we’d have some fun with a few favourite texts and activities.

Enjoy the story of Supertato!

Your task is to recreate ( I can’t wait to find a potato and get busy bringing him to life!) or draw Supertato and then….create/write  a character profile for him. Think about what he looks like; describe him using carefully chosen words. What are his super hero qualities? – Go back to the story as many times as you need to to remind you. Write your character profile neatly in your books or if you prefer make a poster out of it and decorate it with the other veg around the edge.

Use this template if you haven’t made your own.

Supertato Outfit Cut-Outs

Special request.…If grown ups can freeze a carrot in a bag/Tupperware of water please? Ready for another activity tomorrow.  Sneak preview… Evil Pea has frozen the carrot and we have to rescue it by thinking about how to remove the ice…

More of that tomorrow…

For our return to school, can you complete the ‘End of Lockdown’ sheet so we can find out a bit more about it.

Back to school feelings jigsaw ks1

Many thanks,

Mandy Turner



Panda Class Home Learning Friday 26th February

Hi Pandas,

Friday already!  Where did the week go?

Here are a few thoughts for today.

Don’t forget 11 am today is our Zoom session with Road Safety Ray – the link went out via Class Dojo – let me know if you need it again. Have you got your questions ready?

Spend today catching up with those tasks that you didn’t manage to complete in the week.

If the weather is kind, enjoy a nice walk and look for signs of Spring. Here is a bird spotting checklist.


You may want to spend more time creating your Kandinsky style artwork – the ones I’ve seen look amazing! You are all so talented.

Can I request that you bring your Kandinsky style artwork in to school when we return? I would like to make a large display featuring all of the children’s artwork – it will look amazing!

I have attached a letter with a few notes and reminders, for our return to school on 8th March.  How many big sleeps is it now…?

Panda letter March 21 PDF

Have a great day.

Mandy Turner


Panda Class Home Learning Thursday 25th February

Hi Pandas,

Have you got your questions ready for our Road Safety Zoom on Friday? Road Safety Ray is looking forward to talking to you.

Our new class member, Panda is settling in well.  He is having a good look around.

Phonics – follow your schedule.

English – All Pandas  This can be done over 2 days.

Our text is Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival

Reading aloud and key talking points:
Before you begin to read, look at the front cover and read the title of the book. Ask the children what they think they might already know about the girl on the cover. What do they think might happen in her story?

Read aloud up to ‘Ruby was perfectly happy.’ hiding the final sentence ‘Until one day…’. Think together about the things that make Ruby happy. What do they have in common with Ruby? What makes them happy?

Continue to read aloud to ‘…she was worrying about it!’ Do they think Ruby is doing the right thing? What do they think Ruby should do about her worry?

Read on up to ‘…she would never feel happy again.’ Pause to consider what Ruby says here. Do they have any ideas for how to make Ruby happy again?

Continue reading on to ‘Could it be a worry?’ How do they think Ruby feels when she sees the boy? What do they think she might be thinking?

Read to the end of the book. How did Ruby get rid of her worry in the end? What do you think she learnt about being worried?

After reading, encourage the children to tell you what they liked about the book. Was there anything they disliked?

What did it make them think about?  Do they have any worries of their own?

Do they have any questions about the book? How did it make them feel? Has there ever been a time where anything like this has ever happened to them or to someone else they know?

Maths – Year 1

Y1-Spring-Block-3-WO-Subtracting-lengths-2020 (1)




The  Animal Kingdom – In this lesson, we are going to be learning about 2 different families of animals which are vertebrates. Vertebrates are animals which have a backbone inside their body. The major animal families include fish, amphibians, birds and mammals. Today we will be focusing on the differences between mammals and birds.

Enjoy this story of The Rumble in the Jungle.


Have a great Thursday.

Mandy Turner



Panda Class Home Learning Wednesday 24th February

Hi Pandas,

We have a new Panda in class!!

He is a little bit nervous at the moment and he doesn’t have a name. Do you think you could think of a name for him? Message me on Class Dojo and I will put all the suggestions in a bag, and pull one out!  We’ve had some great suggestions so far.  I think he will feel better when he has a nice name.

He is beginning to explore the classroom, I will take photos of him and show you what he gets up to.  He’s really looking forward to meeting you all!

For today:

Carry on with Ruth Miskin’s Live Phonics lessons.

Also, have a go at blending some sounds to read the words.


Year 1 – Carry on with the spelling booklet; don’t forget, you may not know them all yet, but with lots of practice you will get better and better at spelling the words.

Reception –  This is the Read Write Inc list of spellings for Reception (Year 1, check you know these words too – reading and spelling). Read the words in set 1 and see if your child can spell any. Work on them if they are not known yet. When set 1 are done, move on to set 2.

RWI red-word-list-

Maths – Year 1

The next step is to be able to add different lengths together.



Comparing length with Connor the caterpillar.

EYFS measuring-caterpillar-lengths-maths-activity


English – All Pandas

You recognised lots of different emotions in our story – The Dot, well done.

Today we have got a comprehension activity, to check understanding of the story.


Go through the booklet, this can be done on the screen, if you don’t want to print it out. Verbal feedback is fine – chat with your child about the question and the possible answers; let them have some thinking time and then choose the correct answer.


Enjoy this non-fiction book about Pandas.


Geography – What is an Ocean? Where are they? Are they all the same? What are they called? Do you remember what the Continents are called and where they are? Watch this PowerPoint and complete the World jigsaw!



Don’t forget to think of some questions for Road Safety Ray, who is joining us for a Zoom Road Safety meeting on Friday at 11am.

Have a great Wednesday!

Mandy Turner



Panda Class Home Learning Tuesday 23rd February

Hi Pandas,

I was pleased to see the Phonics was back online this morning; they are continuing with Home Learning lessons, so that’s great.  Keep at it, they are such a wonderful resource to be able to access.


Year 1.  Continue with measuring with work sheet number 2 ‘Measuring Length 2’.  Yesterday’s work raised some interesting questions about non-standard units of measurement, and how, if the method of measuring is different, then even though two items may measure 4 units long – if the measurement method changes then they may not be the same length. See questions 2 and 3 from Monday’s work to check. It raised a lot of discussion in school – even with 2 children!


Reception – How did the Home Measuring Challenge go?

More measuring today. See how you get on comparing height.


English – All Pandas

Have a look through the story of The Dot again 

Find the list of emotions from yesterday’s work – Can you find new words that mean the same as the ones you chose yesterday? For example, here in class, we said that at the beginning Vishti was/looked  angry – another word for angry is cross.

Angry – Cross, and so on…

Then can you think of a colour that matches that emotion? I think we may choose red for the start where she seems angry. You could colour over the words in colours of your choice, to match the emotions.


Have a go at this feelings worksheet.



Continue with your spellings.  See yesterday’s spelling booklet.

Here is a link to having opportunities to practice your handwriting.


History – All Pandas

We are looking at the life of Neil Armstrong, this half term.  Key question::  Was Neil Armstrong an explorer, like Christopher Columbus?  Discuss what you think.

Watch the PowerPoint and then complete the time line.  There are a few time line formats to choose from, use the one that suits your child. Reception, you may want to use the pictures, to order the events of his life. Year 1 you may want to choose to do some writing – aim high!  Would you like to be an astronaut?

Neil Armstrong PowerPoint

Neil Armstrong Timeline Activity Sheet


How are you getting on with reading?  There are lots of books available online and I can put new books in the reception area for those of you who pass by school. Just let me know, and I can sort some out.

Enjoy this story, one of my favourites.. Whatever next? by Jill Murphy 

Have a great Tuesday,

Mandy Turner



Panda Class Home Learning 22nd February

Hi Pandas,

How are you all?

I hope you have had a great half term break.  It will be lovely to hear all of your news.

Here is the learning for today.

9.00  Worship with Mrs Williams – Link as before on Class Dojo.

PE with Joe Wicks or our own Mr Wright with TWWG ‘Move’ schedule.

Phonics – Ruth Miskin Live Lessons for Set 1,2 & 3 schedule.

Carry on with your set’s schedule each day.

I have added a sheet with all of the sounds in each set.



Maths  Year 1

We are looking at length and height for a couple of weeks – measuring, comparing length and height, using standard and non-standard units of measurement and adding/subtracting length problems.  NOTE: When asked to measure items in the classroom – do these activities in your home instead.


Record your measuring activities in your books – what did you measure? What did you use to measure with, a ruler or a non-standard unit, such as a tin of beans?  If you have any cubes, you can also measure with them.

Reception – We are learning to measure and compare heights and lengths.


You could use your hands or a shoe to measure the length of a piece of furniture, each other or a room. Enjoy the challenges.


Year 1 – There are a group of words which are called Common Exception Words (CEWs).  These are words which cannot be sounded out in order to read/spell them – they just have to be memorised.  I have attached a booklet for CEWs for you to work through over the next couple of weeks; there are a variety of games and activities.  Check out which words your child knows, and which ones they still need to learn.


Reception – These are the ‘Red’ or Tricky Common Exception words for you to read and have a go at spelling, starting with Set 1.

RWI red-word-list-

English – All Pandas – Recognising and discussing emotions 

Our text is The Dot by Peter H Reynolds, a super story which links nicely to self-esteem, having a go and making mistakes.

Revisit the story lots of times and discuss the feelings that Vashti is experiencing (look at the pictures for clues as well as the words in the story) – make a list of each of the feelings as you go through the book.   Don’t forget,  you are wonderful word collectors Pandas – you can do it.  Write your final list AND draw the emotions too on little faces.  Record this in your books.

How do her feelings and posture change as the story (and dots) progress? Why is this? Talk about how your child would feel if they had a piece of art work framed. Keep the list/drawings of feelings safe they are needed tomorrow.

Try making these feelings face masks – can you name each emotion?

Time for a rest – enjoy this Story with Biff, Chip and Kipper.


Art – All Pandas

We are going to use our story, The Dot, to inspire us and get us started on our artist study for this half term.

Watch this PowerPoint to get you started;  we are looking at Wassily Kandinsky. Follow the PowerPoint to find out more about him and to get started on our art topic. Have fun!


I will leave some paper in the front reception area – let me know if you need any crayons etc.

Have a lovely day.

Mandy Turner


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