Jaguar Class Police Cadets Passing Out Ceremony

Jaguar Class have been extremely privileged to have been part of a six week Police Cadet Programme.  PCSO Sue Davies and her team from West Mercia Police have provided an excellent training package for our children including: how to conduct a forensic investigation, radio operation (including the phonetic alphabet), road safety and car crash investigation, water safety.  We were even lucky enough to have a visit from a police car which enabled the children to see inside a “real life” working vehicle.

The six weeks culminated in a passing out parade where the children recalled their best learning points and received certificates of participation from the Officers before an audience of parents.  Even Mrs Burns’ footprints were analysed, we were relieved that she was proved innocent of committing the crime!


Royal Wedding Celebration!

We are very excited to be celebrating the Royal Wedding with a Garden Party and Picnic on Friday 18th May.

Children are invited to wear their party clothes (no charge).

All KS1, FSM and prepaid dinners will receive a ‘Picnic Grab Bag’.  If you would like your child to have a Picnic Grab Bag these can be ordered tomorrow.  Otherwise, please ensure they bring their own picnic packed lunch.

Raft building.

A much brighter morning at Arthog saw us raft building.  The instructors were genuinely impressed by the children’s work, both rafts floated, all the children stayed aboard and the race ended in a draw after the blue team  (AKA The Tremendous Twelve) made a fabulous  comeback against the green team (AKA The Dream Team).

Mrs Randall and Mrs Wenlock have now handed over to Mrs Goddard and Mr Hughes who were joining the children in gorge walking this afternoon.

The Tremendous Twelve was complete today when Lily joined us.  The children were delighted to see her and she made some excellent contributions to the raft design and building in her first Arthog activity.

Good Morning from Arthog

Dear parents

All of the children had a good evening completing a photo quest challenge and starting their John Muir challenge award.  It was an early night and I think they were all glad to get to bed as it was soon quiet in the dorms.  The children are up now and will soon be off to breakfast.  I believe we are gorge walking and canoeing today, Mrs Randall and I will be swapping with Mrs Goddard and Mr Hughes at lunchtime.

Have a good day.

Mrs Wenlock